Thursday, 24 February 2011

Douglas Hyde, Communist Crimes and Anarcho-Red Supporters of Bomber Command

Dresden "still divided" spins the BBC when clearly all but the far-left support the bombing today: they wave flags to show their support of the British terror-bombing of the cultural gem that was Dresden.

The Commie-Socialist-Anarchos have never been anything but reactionaries.

They opposed the war as "Capitalist" when Moscow had a pact with Berlin.

They uttered not a word when the USSR invaded Poland on the 17th of September 1939 (funnily enough, the UK did not declare war on the USSR despite this, and their invasion of Finland, another British-ally; yet Germany had a declaration of war within days of invading Poland. ).

Yet when Germany invaded the USSR, all of sudden the war was some sort of crusade against Fascism.

Read Douglas Hyde's I Believed for the full low down on Communist hypocrisy during this time (Hyde was in the top tier of the Communist Party and later exposed all the double-standards, amorality and general flip-flopping after becoming a Christian, interestingly enough after reading GK Chesterton's Weekly Review).

Oh another great example: The Spanish Civil War.

The Anarcho-Commies told us (and still tell us!) how it was a fight for democracy. You see the 'fascists' had rebelled against the government. Boo. How dare they.

What the anarcho-reds don't tell you is of the Anarcho-Communist rebellions against non-Communist governments carried out by the reds earlier in the 30s.

Hypocrites almost to a man.

And who were these defenders of democracy? They had Stalinist commissars, shipped from the USSR. Soviet weapons and aircraft. They massacred civilians, desecrated Churches, even exhumed corpses to defile.

This was all well documented and even sickened general "lefties" a few of which even joined the monarchists and nationalists for fear of the terror that would ensure if the reds won.

We have lots of examples of that too. The terror of the French Revolution. The mass murders following the Soviet Revolution (inc. circa 33 million dead Ukrainians, starved to death whilst the grain silos were full). The terror in Hungary. The mass murders in Cambodia. Millions dead in China. Plus the gulags, the torture and more in countries ranging from the Americas to Africa, Europe to Asia.

The whole Commie-Anarcho deal is offering us heaven on earth, but they can't even deliver that. Collectivism, starvation, drudgery, slavery, the gulag, torture and mass murder.

That's as good as it gets. They took Capitalist slavery - and made it worse on the back of promising better. Hypocrites.

Yet you can still buy your Commie chic t-shirt, because they tend to murder Christians you see, and we "don't count" whether we are Germans, Ukrainians, Russians, Poles or Spaniards.

We get the "6 Million" rammed down our throats by Hollywood. Funnily enough I haven't seen a film from Hollywood portraying the mass murder of Communism, still less who made up the cadre of commissars who organised the mass murders! Do the 33 million Ukrainians not count? Weren't their deaths "sexy" enough? Or is it a weird racism wherein dead European Christians don't count?

Nor have I seen a Hollywood film about the firestorm in Dresden, where literally countless tens of thousands of refugees, mostly women and children fleeing the Red Army as it raped its way across Poland and Germany, were incinerated by men who knew the war was all but over.

We've even had the "Jew-porn" that was Tarantino's fictitious "Inglorious Basterds" with Jewish soldiers, torturing and murdering evil "nazis" across occupied France (all contrary to the Geneva Convention and accepted rules of warfare, naturally), cheered on by the lefty elites of Hollywood.

No wonder that the reactionary Anarcho-Reds jeered and waved English flags in Dresden. Their support for mass murderers is second-to-none. They have no pity for innocent victims (unless they further their twisted aims and power grabs), for their creed dictates that the innocent must be enslaved, suffer and die for the glory of their cause, dressed up in the verbiage of 'brotherly love' and 'equality for all' just as it was in the Masonic French Revolution and the Communist Russian Revolution, which ushered in reigns of terror.

All Anarcho-Communism ever really stands for is the advance of a hand-picked (dare I say self-chosen?) few, and suppression of the Christian majority.

'Twas ever thus.


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