Friday, 25 February 2011

Libya Using White Phosphorous? America Demands Action!

How interesting that the International Criminal Court (ICC) are being prompted by Britain to investigate possible 'war crimes' in Libya.

Right: War crime. A young Arab boy blinded by the white phosphorous dropped by war criminals, a crime of ethnic cleansing by despots.

The BBC (MI6) say that African mercenaries have been firing on civilians. Libya claim that the rebellion is an Islamist uprising.

There is some history to this, in that MI6 did use Islamist terrorists to try and murder Gaddafi. They failed and killed innocents. Talk about war crimes.

Latest news is that America is absolutely horrified because the mad dictator has dropped white phosphorus (burns the flesh) in an indiscriminate nature over areas that are of a different ethnic group to the evil tyrant. Imagine that?

Men, women and children, the innocent and the "guilty" with their burning flesh. Rumours are that schools ands hospitals have also been targeted.

We can all only hope that America will not rest until the criminal mad men responsible will be dragged kicking and screaming into the ICC.

After all, we are so often told that there must be no hiding place for war criminals, no refuge from justice, no time limit for crimes against humanity!

Hang on.

Update coming in.... Update coming in.... Update coming in....

Sorry those reports (phosphorous, schools, hospitals, homes, playgrounds etc.), including the these photos, were from Palestine and were carried out by the Israelis.

America has stood down.

Move along people.

Nothing to see here.


Anonymous said...

When the rebels are proven to be "mad mullahs" won't the BBC and all the other liberals and neo-cons rushing in at the moment will look like the opportunists they are.

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