Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How Anti-Immigrant Cause Has Been Judaised

The EDL leader was on the BBC's Newsnight last night, and the programme looked into the anti-Muslim organisation.

It has 'gay,' Jewish, Sikh and Hindu members.

Left: The BNP started the "anti-Muslim pressure group" mentality that has been taken over by the EDL.

Its raw intel seemed to come from sources in Israel.

It seems that it wants to be anti-immigrant, but is forced down a cul-de-sac of being pro-integration and pro-wymmins rights, and pro-homosexual.

With the EDL drawing what the BNP would describe as "plebs" from the BNP, and thus denying them street muscle, leafleters, and local activists, the BNP is forced to attack the EDL, just as they are forced to attack UKIP.

They are fighting over the same constituents, albeit all three approach them from slightly different angles.

The BNP dismisses the EDL as "Zionist." It is. It is pro-Israel. But the BNP opened the door for the EDL. If the BNP had not made noises against Islam - accusing it of being anti-homosexual, anti-wymmin, and 'fascist,' then the EDL could not be peddling the Zionist integrationist line it is today.

Without the BNP sell-out there could be no EDL sell-out.

The sad fact is that the anti-immigration "movement" per se, should be something promoting White nationalism, culture etc. and something resolutely opposed to integration and Zionism.

Starting with the BNP this was changed in that "softly, softly catchee monkey" way, but once you step on that road it's very hard to know where to stop.

That is why it looks like sour grapes rather than policy and principle when the BNP moans at the EDL's "Zionism."

Right: Anti-fascist, pro-USA, pro-Israel, pro-homosexual. The BNP has allowed anti-migrant feeling to be subverted to a totally Neo-Con agenda.

If doing the same would garner the BNP more influence, seats, followers and (more than anything else) more money: they would do it at the drop of a hat!


Anonymous said...

When are the ASBO-bait going to wake up and realise that their leader 'Tommy' is a Special Branch monkey....but the JDL oops! EDL are neither bright and neither are they any kind of British Vanguard!

EDL'ers are the Goy Sayanim nothing more and nothing less.

Death to the treacherous vermin. Sieg Heil!

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