Saturday, 5 February 2011

David Cameron Apes BNP Policy: More Integration

David Cameron has spoken out against multi-culturalism.

Hooray? No, not at all.

The "we're in it altogether" squillionaire is not about to denounce mass immigration, the loss of indigenous culture or the fact that Europeans will be a minority in these islands in a few decades: a terrible legacy of Tory and Labour misrule.

No. Perish the thought that he would do anything honourable.

He is a traitor. He is a Zionist. He will one day walk away and work for the banks (like Blair and Mandelson before him). He is part of the problem.

Now he is aping BNP policy.

Yes. BNP policy.

Multi-culti is wrong. We all know that. It has been the elephant in the room for decades past. But the parties and media closed off any genuine discussion of it.

But to do what Cameron is doing, and what the BNP has been proposing, is racial genocide and will further wreck our lands.

He, like the BNP, is calling for an end to multi-culturalism (they are using he term as a kind of racial/cultural apartheid) and for it to be replaced by integration!

Yes, rejoice all you racial nationalists! Your cause was taken over years ago by idiots who, to get a few votes and Brussels placements, started courting non-Muslim support and saying how great it is that Blacks, Hindus etc. integrate, but how Muslims are the problem because they don't integrate.

Now it will be government policy. The BNP can disband! Their job is done!

Now we will have Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus and coloureds mixing in with our kids whether we -or they - want it or not!

Right: A successful model of integration.

With increased integration we will lose more of our identity and the coloureds can further argue that they too are "British."

Those happy photos in BNP papers and on BNP websites of British Whites hugging British coloureds and Asians has now been writ large.

Years ago we attacked the BNP for saying blacks were "British" whilst they attacked White Polish migrants (would you rather your daughter marry a Pole or Latvian? Or an African or Asian?).

This has now come full circle.

It is we, the peoples of Britain who will suffer. The rich, like Cameron, can move away from immigrants. Their idea of integration is what culture their au pair or cleaner comes from, which restaurant they will eat in, or (like Billy Bragg!) how well they get on with the petrol station attendant!

I have lived in heavily Asian areas, and it is not fun.

The policy of dispersal will make more race-mixing possible, will make a bad situation worse as vast numbers of non-Europeans move into more areas, more schools etc. etc. to be followed by the growing numbers of Somalis, Afghanis and other non-Whites still flooding in, no doubt to be dispersed to help integrate.

I hope the idiots in the BNP leadership who pushed their integrationist agenda years ago, just like they pushed their quasi-Zionist "it's all the Muzzies fault" line, are happy.

The chickens - of all shades and colours! - are coming home to roost.

RIP White Britain.


Anonymous said...

Oh noes, not Asian people!

What an angry little man you are. If only you were as intelligent and driven as you are mean-spirited and paranoid, you could channel that anger into making something of yourself and be in a position of power and prestige like Cameron instead of making shitty websites and having to deal with your neighbours as (God forbid!) equals.

Final Conflict said...

lol. if you think Cameron got where he is because of anything other than his squillionaire heritage, his Rothschild chums and generally sucking up to the banksters [just like the War Criminal Blair before him], then you (sad man that you are, reduced to reading such "shitty websites" as this) are an ignorant fool.

Wake up and smell the coffee (or we'll all soon be coffee coloured!).

Or perhaps that's your preferred option?

Funny isn't it... if we lived in a real "democracy" of any sort the people would have voted against millions of Asians and Africans; but the Rotschild-led political parties and their compliant media dictated otherwise.

Anonymous said...

That's right. God who dispersed the people of the world after the Babel episode. Now we are all forced togather again, now we all think we're greater than God again.

It's all so Masonic dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

Cameron was making a statement regarding multi-CULTURALISM and not any reference to Race, this is a trap I am dismayed that you FC have fallen into, just because we have been subjected to decades of propaganda under the guise of 'multi-culturalism' when Race mixing has been the issue.

Multi-Culturalism is a Britain comprised of a Scottish Scotland, Welsh Wales, Cornish Cornawall, English England etc. and so with Europe and German Germany etc. now THIS is multi-Culturalism.

Multi-racialism on the other hand is the mixing of the myriad White gene pool with muds and, in response to the first post, indeed FC is angry as am I and my comrades that the Elders have actively persued a policy of White genocide and I am angry with the Elders' stooges who have taken part in this and that means scum like you...go take your paki/nigger-loving ways elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic example of how the 'Conservatives' act in tandem with Labour: Labour, without any popular mandate, open the floodgate of Turd World immigration with the lie that we need 'their skills' (as if...). There is a muzzled and edited reaction to this in the pages of, for example, 'The Daily Wail'. When it's the Tories term to take office, they give voice to this policed reaction by 'condemning' multi-culturalism. In fact they do nothing about it. The Tories main purpose being to consolidate the unwanted changes Labour has inflicted on the sheeple.

Final Conflict said...

I have said before that I have nothing against Multi-Culturalism, in the sense of many European cultures being in the UK [French, Italian, Spanish, Irish - and our home grown cultures].

Cameron is talking primarily about multi-culti in the sense of non-Whites.

Anonymous said...

Is he really talking about "multi-culti in the sense of non-Whites" REALLY?

Anonymous said...

The British have been a colonial superpower well before the race for africa , And the Ancestors would roll in their tombs if they knew the floodgates were open season now because of the government there today !
Here in Canada one sure knows that you are a Canadian in the airport alright due to the fact that Canadians are put at the back of the half mile line as colorful as the U.N, Due to our policy of citizens last refugees third world deviants and Indochinese First ?
I see alot of Cab Drivers though but no damned Doctors unless you own a sick camel of course ?
We do though now have Jamaican posse,s cutting eachothers heads off downtown over drugs !
Vietnamese Gangs peppering the downtowns across the nation with assault rifle slugs wiping out innocent citizens shopping !
White girls getting pimped out by Armenian Russian and African Gangs who hook them on the poppy and also seeing alot more of that junk flooding the streets !
Yeah it is quite eye opening as a cop here in Canada where before we had a multiculti asskiss like Harper all we had to worry about were domestic disputes and the odd Biker but now we have become Palestine on weekends when the gangs whoop it up more and full moons ?
So all you pro flood with camel shit and Baboon Swoon wannabe Goons who enjoy hearing about White Farmers overseas becoming an endangered species i say you can all kiss my white ass because times are gonna change ,They always do !
PS Great site keep up the good work outstanding to show some balls as i say nobody is a rascist until their daughter brings home one and for the record i am unafraid to tell it like it is and i would take white trash anyday over any Zulu BS and Diaperheads no working system drains !
Wolfe Fredrick Hauser Toronto Ontario CAN

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