Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The National Debt: Criminal Conspiracy by Politicians and Bankers

Inflation is up, wages have all but frozen.

Barclays Bank profits are up, and their average wage rose by £236,000.

Left: The debt rises continually.

While the rest of us are pushed into penury by a system that has bankrupted the UK to bail out the banks, who in turn keep us all in debt-slavery, the banks are already dolling out huge wages and bonuses to themselves.

The banks have screwed us all, messed up the economy, keep us in debt for life, strip the nation to pay unpayable debt interest.

Yet they live the life of luxury in our faces.

Right: National Debt as a percentage of the country's output ever since William of Orange sold us out for 400+ years by letting banksters establish the Bank of England. Note that National Debt is usually greater than the entire economic output of Britain (GDP)!

It is no longer a case of "paying unto Caesar" because Caesar is being robbed blind by the banks, and turning a blind-eye to the theft because Caesar's top crew are getting crumbs from the banking table.

The Church says that to defraud a working man of a just wage is one of the four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.

Not just quite bad, nor even really bad. But it cries out to heaven for vengeance.

Those are strong words.

How much worse then for an entire system to be based on a national debt for which the working man is taxed to the eyeballs (the poorer disproportionally moreso), which can never be paid off?

Even in the boom years the UK was paying the national debt interest (whilst still borrowing!) to the tune of millions heaped on billions.

Tony Blair said "education, education, education" before 1997, yet when in power he paid more off the national debt interest than he did on education.

The politicians are like drunken housewives, borrowing on top rate credit cards whilst paying the minimum due on existing ones, whilst the debt grows and grows.

Yet unlike the drunken housewife, the politicians can take the money from our pockets to pay the interest payments.

It is a fraud on a gargantuan scale.

It is criminal conspiracy to the tune of many billions per year.

It really is a sin crying out to heaven for vengeance.


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