Sunday, 13 February 2011

Government Want Full-On Homosexual 'Marriage'

Here we go again!

Or if we allow emotion to rule the heart, here we f###### go again!

New Labour wasted hours and hours promoting the sodomite agenda.

Now with the country falling apart around our ears, the Lib-Con govt is going to spend more time pushing the sodomite agenda.

No wonder we are in such a mess.

We can also, through this story, see two important things:

  • The system's agenda has ALWAYS been for homosexual "weddings." They are not interested in civil partnerships. That's just softly, softly catchee monkey cobblers that all treacherous, profiteering, nepotistic bastards use to try and fool all the people all the time. They WANT full-blooded faggot "weddings" so the pooves are "totally equal."
  • Peter Tatchell, the apologist for a paedophile agenda, is still the mouthpiece for the homosexual agenda. This shows us where we are headed. The homosexual agenda is a sick agenda. It will promote disease and death. It will promote drug use and abuse. It will promote sexual deviancy in private and public. It will lead to laws being ignored by the police and eventually overturned (especially viz public decency). It will lead to sexual acts with minors being gradually lowered.
Think I'm being hysterical? Go back to the 50s, 60s and even 70s and ask the public what they thought.

The media and government have promoted a sodomite, homosexual, degenerate agenda.

No wonder deviancy and drug usage is rampant in the media (and not far behind in parliament, the city etc.).


We must show we are different. We must show we are decent. We must show we oppose the homosexual, deviant agenda and their druggie cohorts.

Not to do so is to surrender our lands to moral anarchy.

BBC: Govt to All Homosexual Church "Weddings"


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