Friday, 8 June 2012

English Footballers in Auschwitz - Remembering Dead Poles?

Bernstein and Hodgson at Auschwitz: Yarmulkes in place
The media is trying to paint many Poles as "anti-Semites." The moralising and finger-wagging by metro-sexual liberals is almost at sickening levels.

We have never lived under the terror and horror of Communism. We haven't had millions of our people shipped to camps. We haven't had our country invaded in recent years. Poles might wonder why WW2 started to get Germany out of Poland only for Communist Russia (with its evil commissars) to be allowed in 'for free' in both 1939 and 1945.

Perhaps if we had people tortured and murdered by Communist commissars, then we too might be a little "anti-Semitic?" Who can say? It's all so easy to moralise and defend an event more to do with big business than grass roots sports, than it is to see how Polish people suffered through and beyond WW2.

The sight of people from the English FA wearing yarmulkes at Auschwitz must rankle with Poles again: did no Poles die at Auschwitz? Did they not have their country divided up and sacrificed? Yet for the media and the metrosexuals there is only one group of victims! Why didn't the FA wear crosses?

Auschwitz is not allowed to have Polish victims (just as the Auschwitz Crosses and nuns were removed after Jewish protests). Katyn never happened. Poland was never dissected nor occupied. Poles were not murdered by Red commissars, tortured or shipped to gulags for decades.

We would do well to understand the Poles and their hatred of Communism and the people who staffed its terror-machine, rather than join ignorant middle-class sponsorship-whores and defenders of multi-racism in meaningless posturing and moralising.

Or do you really think the next time England play Russia they will stop to visit gulags to remember the Christian victims of the same commissars who raped Poland?


Anonymous said...

Must say I f***ng elated Polska got knocked out of the Euros, at least now I can get someone to sort out my blocked drains...been festering for a week!

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