Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Satanism and Its Allies - Update Page 1

Satanism and its Allies, the booklet, was published in 1998, some 15 years ago! 

Yet still the threat to Nationalism exists from Occultist weirdoes and those who pervert something positive and imbued with love of land, into something of a caricature, something negative, hateful and even flirting with those whose ideals are the exact opposite of ours (see the original booklet for details of Jewish Satanists), including anarchists.

This update went out shortly after the booklet, and thus is out of date too.

But given that the book was a best-seller and this update only went out to a few people, we thought it made sense to put it online.

The groups, names and people may change or may not. But the lessons should be known. Nationalists must be alert!


Anonymous said...

Swap the name "Troy Southgate" for "Jez Turner" and you've hit the nail on the head! No fan of Troy but at least he's honest about his warped stance. Jez on the other hand appears to be all things to all men! He claims to be a Trad Catholic to the Trad Catholics and a Cosmotheist to the Cosmotheists etc. A very dangerous man to be avoided at all costs.

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