Wednesday, 17 December 2008

He's Madoff With All the Money. But Is Bernard Jewish???

At this conjuncture I am tempted to make some long rambling point about the Madoff rip-off, the billions lost by banks, pension fund holders and others that will effect the least well off, the nature of Capitalism, the degraded status of Wall Street, and the people who pose the real threat to our society and our freedoms as opposed to CIA/Mossad created ghost threats.

But I don't want to be labeled an "anti Semite."

Besides, all this "Jewish" nature of money scams, such as with Ron Sandler and the whole sub-prime mortgages fiasco which has ended with millions getting thrown on the dole, can do nothing but endanger 'good community relations,' further stereotypes of Jews being money-grabbers and swindlers, and persuade some people that the very heart and soul of Capitalism is vampiric, usurious and Talmdudic.

And I would not want to partake in such an endeavour. Tsk.

So I'll let you draw your own conclusions. In an atmosphere of love, respect, tolerance and humanism.

Happy Hannukah! ;-)

A Talmudic Blog Weeps

Madoff Hits Jewish Charities (Hey - is he an anti-semite?)


Anonymous said...

The tags/lables that are thrown at us in ever increasingly desperate attempts, can and will never circumvent the truth.
Sod them, tell it as it is that's my motto, if they could prevent us telling the truth via the internet, they would have by now.
Long may it continue, free speech is of paramount importance to our battle for self preservation and ultimately self determination. Every lie that is told on the net is recordable and traceable, to those who falsely represent our movement in lieu of financial gain, stupidity or whatever reason, you should bare this in mind.
Sean Hadley.

Anonymous said...

Now why exactly has the jew been expelled from the majority of European nations, isn't it about time they were expelled from the Good Ol' U. S. of A.? But where would they go, Israel certainly wouldn't want them, they can't trust their own.

behind blue eyes said...

FC, did you watch the programme about The Medici family and Art last Sunday on BBC4. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. It stated quite clearly in no uncertain terms that they were Jewish usurers and money lenders and went on to explain what usury was. Belloc would have been proud!

The individual members of the Zionist Talmudic cabal are evil avaricious parasites who aren't afraid to steal from their own kind when it tickles their fancy. It is well known that the Bronfmans and Rothschilds siphoned off huge amounts of HoloHoax payments.

Going back to this present saga the Zionist press are using this as a smokescreen and propaganda to portray Jews as victims as well in this economic meltdown. However, anyone with the slightest Red Sea Pedestrian detector can see that Uncle Bernie is a Jewish fraudster of gargantuan proportions!

See -

It takes another twist -
Attorney General takes himself out of Madoff fraud probe -

It appears to be a scam within a scam -
Madoff Investors May Be Protected By Government -

There are two possible outcomes to this latest fraud. Uncle Bernie will either do a runner to Israel or the flunky Zionist judge in charge of the case - if it ever gets to court - will give him a ridiculously small sentence to be spent at a 'country club' style jail.

The Zionist press have done it once again. On the same day of Uncle Bernie's fraud former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin had a lawsuit against him for defrauding Citibank shareholders of more than $122 billion, also described as a "Ponzi scheme". This got no exposure whatsoever.

See Madoff Ponzi Scheme Dwarfed by Illuminati Rubin's at -

Hakenkraze said...

It seems the grubby Jews have an image problem of late and are getting a bit defensive.
I stumbled over this little beauty from L.A Weekly:

Quote:"The answer to the question, Is Bernard Madoff good for the Jews? has become painfully obvious during the past week as Jewish charities and individuals take stock of the $50 billion damage allegedly wrought by the investment titan. Their misfortune has kicked off an anti-Semitic [header_p1-uc.jpg](picture of Stormfront logo ha,ha,ha!)Oktoberfest of gloating over Madoff and his alleged victims."

Oh yes indeed!

Anonymous said...

Scam within a scam within a scam! You wonder about this. This is the Jew. These games are his. Just be glad you are not a farmer in Palestine. Money is just paper.

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