Monday, 29 December 2008

Dead Children are Just Statistics when Jews Kill Them?

Just when you thought the Israelis learned their lesson from invading the Lebanon...

Who on earth thinks their response to a few rockets is "proportionate?"

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They kill hundreds, including little girls sleeping in their beds, and all they can do is waffle on about how many hundreds of thousands of Israelis are "at risk."

These people are degenerates on a power-trip.

Their "master race" mentality - i.e. that we are all goy-cattle - means they think they can can just murder anyone with impunity.

After all... America's got their back, right?

Every time this happens the Zionist hold on America just becomes more embarrassingly obvious.

It seems that there are a people prepared to start WW3 and bring the banking system to its knees.

Where's the outcry from our political parties?


Whitelaw Towers said...

Funny how the people who are accused of being Racist, Fascist, Nazi, Red Neck, Arm Chair Racist and the list goes on, seem to be the only ones willing to speak up for the Palestinians at the moment. The Self Named Anti Fascist,Anti Racist and Christian Zionist groups just ignore Zionist aggression. I am so bloody sick of our Governments and stupid bloody Left Wing Dogma that is all controlled the Jews.

The world has gone insane drunk on Zionist propaganda. We are very near the end I think.

Final Conflict said...

The really sad thing - my Australian friend, busy watching the water gurgle down the plughole the wrong way! - is that even many allegedly "nationalist" movements are saying nothing.

They have taking their 30 Shekels and so Israel can rarely be contradicted and even then only in tepid tones (just as America criticises Israel when it goes too far - it does it in such a limp-wristed way you know it doesn't even mean it: it's just going through the motions to placate world opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is how the Jew conducts Electioneering.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli actions are disgusting, no two ways about it.

But the reason most white nationalists (myself included) are saying nothing is because the victims are muslim.

Islam, rightly or wrongly is deemed the biggest threat to our way of life. Most British people are indifferent to their plight, some even approve of the slaughter...

I find it hard to condemn the Israeli operations when I personally would like to blow the whole middle east and it`s inhabitants off the face of the planet!

Final Conflict said...

1. Many Palestinians are Christian. No Jews are Christian.

2. Our biggest threat comes from Talmudic Terror [like 911] and those who control the banking system.

3. Attacking Palestinians will do NOTHING to help the plight of White Britons.

It's time to stop swallowing the "muzzies are to blame" BS spouted by the Neo Cons in Washington, Israelis and people like the BNP.

Zionist terror from the 1940s onwards in Palestine has fomented much of the tit for tat violence (1 dead Jew = 100 dead Arabs).

If we have any loyalty it should be to those people who are indigenous, who are Christian and who are fighting Zionism.

Allowing Israel their slaughter gives the green light to further Zionist atrocities "against terrorists."

They may be Palestinians today. They could be Englishmen tomorrow.

And who will defend your rights to freedom, self-determination and the very right to life itself when the Zionist media paint you as a "nazi terrorist" regardless of the facts?

Build allies now.

If you want Arabs and Asians out of the UK, better to provide them with safe and stable homelands and show you want to return them safe and sound.

Support mass murder of Arabs, Iraqis, Iranians etc. and you will be stuck with millions more non-Whites: if you want to look at this from a purely pragmatic and selfish point of view.

Meanwhile those of us who believe in right versus wrong will continue to denounce Zionist terror regardless.

behind blue eyes said...

Happy New Year to one and all.

A true Nationalist believes in the right of indigenous peoples to self-determination in their own country. That being the case, we have to support the Palestinians in their battle and struggle against their Zionist Talmudic Militarist oppressors.

Lo and behold the so-called British National Party has nothing on its website about this barbaric massacre by murdering racist Zionist Israel. That's because they are a pro-Zionist entity along with the rest of the Mammon butt kissing rabble that dwell in the House of Commons.

We need a United Goyim Front. What have I got in common with White Christians, Black Christians, Moslems, Arabs and Chinese etc? Something so important that the Zionist Talmudic supremacists have to keep us divided and at each others throats permanantly. That's right we are despised and hated in equal measure by these Moloch and Baal worshipping demons. They refer to us non-Jews as Goyim (cattle) and wish to enslave us all in a Global Gulag.

I personally don't think their should be Moslems in this country. However, there are and for the forseeable future the way things are going. With that in mind I know that he or she doesn't believe that Jesus in boiling in excrement in hell. However, the Jewish Talmud will tell you this. It also tells fellow Jews that is OK and perfectally acceptable to kill, rob, deceive, lie to and cheat non-Jews (Goyim)!

They call me a Nazi all they want. As far I am concerned Hitler and the Nazi party was a Zionist set-up from day one.

Anonymous said...

Muslim, jew or christian, they`re all a bunch of semitic middle eastern arab scumbags if you ask me...

I don`t care which god they pray to, they are not my people!

Final Conflict said...

Yet you want to kill Arabs in their own lands and support groups like the BNP who think that khazar Talmudic Masons WHO RUN OUR EUROPEAN COUNTRIES should be our "allies"???????

I'd rather ten thousands Arabs in Arabia than one single Masonic Talmudic lawyer-class shyster running our government, or Hollywood, or the Banking System!


THAT is the question!

Whitelaw Towers said...

I must say all the comments on this thread are correct. I have no love for Islam but I do know the more trouble we have in the Middle East the more Muslims we get in Australia. This only helps the Zionists. With the Jews Ethnically Cleansing the Middle East the Survivors fleeing Ethnic Cleansing will destroy White Australia and our culture. That stage seems to be in full swing in the UK.

The Zionist have a win win situation. This has been the plan all along. By allowing the Arabs to have a safe homeland we can go back to a relationship that is built on trade between our Nations. Nothing more. Europe is being over run by Islam. When Israel pushes the buttons on the nukes they don’t have my bet they will all land on Europe. The Europe that is full of Arabs and the surviving Goyim/Nazis/Anti Semites/Christians.

Don’t confuse support for Palestine as a softening of beliefs. It is a hardening of our resolve against Zionism.

Final Conflict said...


You have summed up the situation exactly!

Where are the condemnations from the BNP and other "nationalist" orgs? I'm sure eventually - like the American govt - they'll come out with some mealy mouthed 'time to stop the violence' BS, once Israel have killed "enough" (same as they did with the Lebanese war).

They are all too afraid of upsetting the Zionist Lobby.

behind blue eyes said...

FC, sometimes I get up in the morning and think to myself I am too old to start sniffing glue. Unfortunately, after reading Britain Awake's narrow minded lunancy that feeling has returned.

B.A. you have the right to that opinion and view point. I personally class myself as an anti-Zionist White Christian British Nationalist. I'll leave racism, hatred, mass murder and supremacy to the Zionist Talmudic Jews! I'm not anti or pro Moslem etc. If I hated or wanted these people dead it wouldn't make me much of a Christian now would it? It would make me a hypocrite and a walking paradox if I fought this ideology and philosophy on the one hand whilst promoting it on the other.

There is a big difference between hating and wanting people dead and not wanting them in your country due to the fact that mass immigration into Britain is severly detrimental to our country and damaging to the countries they have come from.

Firstly, as stated before Nationalists should support the rights of indigineous peoples to self-determination whether that be in Britain, the Amazon or Palestine etc. Secondly, I am a Christian and a lot of the Palestinians are Christians too.

Moving back to the Middle East, the same Zionist Talmudic Jewish lunatics that have unleashed this barbaric attack on the Gaza Strip are unfortunately the same bloodthirsty degenarates that rule blighty and the USA from behind the scenes.

'The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that Judaism is anti-Christian.'
The Jewish World, 1924

'Whoever is in power in Downing Street (British Foreign Office), whether Conservatives, Radicals, Coalitionists or pseudo-bolsheviks, the International Jew rules the roost. Here is the mystery of the Hidden Hand, of which there has been no intelligent explanation.'
Leo Maxse, Editor of National Review, 1919

'England is no longer controlled by Britons. We are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship- a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life.'
Nesta Webster, Germany and England, 1938

Look who is behind mass-immigration and multi-culturalism and you will find the face of Zionist Talmudism. The main architect of the EU and a great friend of the Warburgs and Rothschilds was a man named Count Kalergi-Coudenhove. He stated the following in 1925 -

'We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews.'

Anonymous said...

To be honest i dont think much of Griffo`s latest take on events:

He sets off well with the `nothing to do with Britain` spiel, but the article takes on a definite pro-israel stance.

It could have something to do with his well known fear of MOSSAD...

Final Conflict said...

Or his well known love of shekels.

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