Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Who is in Control of the Country: Brown, Harperson, Mandelson or the Rothschilds?

So the media was up in arms that whilst Gordon Brown was on holiday, his feminist deputy-PM (Harriet Harperson) was also on his/her 'hols' leaving the unelected failed politician and Europhile Lord Mandelson "in charge."

Right: What politico or media outlet will dare to outline the way our political class -- of all shades -- is in thrall to the Rothschilds and their subservience to the Zionist cause (and needless wars) as a result? This badge was being sold online by an alleged "nationalist." The rot is set deep!

The same Lord Mandelson was in Corfu as a guest of the Rothschilds.

Oh woe! The country is rudderless. The privately-educated lawyer/shyster-classes are on their August holidays leaving us alone with the chavs, immigrants and recently-unemployed (thanks to Lehmans Brothers and the other Masonic bankers).

Yet not one of the media outlets whose ire this raised had the cajones to say that our politicians are in the pockets of the Rothschilds.

Did the thought of Lord Mandelson on the super-yacht of David Geffen, off the holiday "home" (complex/mansion) of Nat Rothschild trigger thoughts of -- well, if not a global Jewish conspiracy then at least one that impacts on Europe and the UK?

Wouldn't the conspiracy theorists go apoplectic?

Better than to waffle on about the country being 'rudderless' than point out a real conflict of interest.

Just as Norman Lamont walked out of his disastrous unemployment-causing tenure in office into a Rothschild chauffeured car to be whisked off to his Rothschild sinecure... so the man in control of the government -- an "ex"-Communist (aren't they all?!) who has the right to "return" to Israel -- is already in the pockets of the Rothschild dynasty.

Oh... by the way just a few weeks before the same mansion/complex in Corfu was host to: Tony Blair! The alleged non-aligned Middle East peace envoy. Zoiks!

Our politicians bail out the Masonic/Talmudic banking system. We pay back that money in taxes for generations.

The same politicians are then treated to freebies by the same bankers.

In a recent FC mag there was a piece on a Rothschild mansion in Buckinghamshire, where the politicians of 200 odd years ago were feted and treated to freebies as they treated the working people of these isles as little more than chattels, indentured slaves who were sold into slavery in pre-teen years, died in their 30s and 40s (if they were lucky) in over-crowded, disease-ridden slums.

Now we are tied to dead-end McJobs, mortgaged to the hilt and sold into tax-slavery for generations.

And the same breed of privately-educated, lawyer-class treacherous, pocket-filling politicians are still in the pockets of the Rothschild dynasty!

Plus ca change.


Anonymous said...

Ain't it the 'crooked nosed' along with their greedy capitalist race-traitor class?

Anonymous said...

the fact that labour and conservatives were so quick to bail out the interest/inflation creating banking system, just shows how these parties are nothing more than stooges for the international money lending community.

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