Sunday, 2 August 2009

Finance, Usury Debt, War, Communist Terror: The International

I finally managed to see 'The International' yesterday, a film starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts.

No film is ever going to say "it's them" and totally unravel the Masonic-Talmudic nature of international bank-usury and its stranglehold on governments, law enforcement and much more besides.

But this one comes pretty close!

It makes the case for banks bank-rolling wars in order to get the victorious side (and so nation) in debt and thus under its control.

It also links groups like the Red Brigades to the international bankers (echos of 1970s Italy) but without the logical lynch-pin of Freemasonry it does leave a bit of a hole in that sense.

But if you get the chance, get the film. It hints at the truth about wars and usury-debt, and anything that does that has to be a positive!


Khamas goy said...

hey FC, please check out The Arrivals on Youtube, it us a series that completely blows wide open the talmudist/freemasonic luciferian NWO agenda in explicit detail, covers everything from media mind control go war on terror to the coming of jesus and their messiach(anti christ) please check it out as no one has been so candid as these guys about whats going on, theyve been receiving death threats and getting their videos removed by jewtube as well as attacks on their servers, please check it out and let Me know what you think of it.

Khamas goy said...

Did you watch any of the series FC?

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