Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bigotgate, Hypocrite Gordon Brown - Part 94

So Gordon Brown was found out as a hypocrite yesterday with the fuss around 'Bigotgate' in Rochdale.

Didn't I say he was a hypocrite when he made a public speech about the sanctity of life to the Royal College of Nurses despite his vicious abortion policy?

At least more people now know he's a hypocrite.

Now just all the other party leaders to expose!


Anonymous said...

Now it is in the public domain that the Labour Party work to the Common Purpose agenda which is the current incarnation of the Marxist Frankfurt School.

Our people (those who are not the dumf***s who stand accused of collusion in our peoples betrayal) will now realise that the 'racist', 'nazi' epiteths which are slung are mere words adopted (and created!) by them to shut down debate and to create the image that we are backwards, ignorant, bigots etc.

Afterall, what in fact did the lady in question do? she merely voiced concern that our kids cannot find employment because of others coming in, thus in Labourspeak she is a 'bigot' makes you wonder how they would define 'nazi' would that be someone who voiced concern at our being overwhelmed by the incomers? In which case more of our people are coming to realise that all those who have been accused of being 'nazi' over the years are a million miles from those who worship AH and chose to don the SS uniform!

We are all 'Nazis' now!

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