Saturday, 24 April 2010

Uproar at Offensive Use of Image in BNP's Broadcast

Seems there may be action taken at the BNP's usage of an image in their (early online version of their TV) election broadcast.

The BNP's response was that the image was used as a "joke" over the term 'hate'.

Still, we at FC think it a bit rich and questionable to use the image of the drunken war criminal Winston Churchill who gave the order to firestorm the Red Cross open ciry of Dresden when the war was already all but won.

Surely there can be no excuse for such offensive use of an image in order to garner votes - even if it is just a "joke."


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the marmite ad. directed more towards UKIP types? personally, I thought it was, but if the BNP think it was directed at them, well in this day and age of 'victim-culture' in that case we all must follow this line.

One final thing, this prank shows that at heart the BNP top table are just a bunch of giggling schoolgirl types, if they want us to take them seriously they could at least meet us halfway and adopt a serious posture.

johnny b said...

did you see Griff Nickin on saturday's newsnight? those medals in the background are nothing to do with him or his family.

what a tw#t

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