Friday, 30 April 2010

American Distributist Interviewed

An interview with an American Distributist who has been at the centre of a "communist/socialist" smear, orchestrated by Neo Cons dressed up as Christians, and a "neo-Nazi" smear storm, orchestrated by the SPLC, ADL and others of a Communist and Masonic nature which cost him his job.

So, according to the enemies of truth this unassuming man who has merely (re)published books, he is a rabid anti-Semite, extreme right-wing neo-Nazi, whilst at the same time being an extreme left-wing socialist and/or communist. It seems the enemies of civilisation want it both ways.

'Twas ever thus:

John Sharpe Interview


Anonymous said...

These that same SPLC/ADL types who are of the same mindset as a certain Gordon 'Gawd help us' Brown who refers to little old ladies as bigots? So it doesn't take much for them to make reference to someone being a nazi does it?!

Sieg Heil, We're all Nazis now!!

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