Monday, 26 April 2010

Gordon Brown Tells RCN of Precious Nature of Life

I just watched Gordon Brown give a speech to the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) albeit in the background as I pottered away (as is my proclivity).

Gordon Brown said that every life is precious and that if everything they had done and all the money they had invested had saved just one life it would have been worth it, whereas in reality they had save millions.


Does he not know that his laws, his government and the system he supports have seen millions of innocent children murdered in the womb?

He has been personally responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

These are children who would grow to enjoy Christmases, to see their nephews and nieces graduate and all the other life-scenes that Gordon painted the scene for in his speech.

Gordon has been responsible for the murder of children who would grow to be tax-payers, who would become angelic nurses, policemen, soldiers, surgeons, taxi drivers, council workers, mums and dads -- in fact by killing so many children he has destroyed the future of whole families.

Of course this is the same mass murderer who says we "need" immigration... because he can't see he is murdering millions of our people, and he can't be bothered to educate the children for the skills we need.

None of these things occur in a vacuum.

None of the main parties and few if any of the serious fringe parties are Pro-Life. Least of all Gordon 'every life is precious' Brown.

If you are going to vote, speak to the candidates and find out which is Pro-Life and make it known that you will only vote for those who will end the mass murder of the innocents.

If a "patriotic" candidate is standing in your area, make sure they know you will vote for them, if they are Pro-Life.

Put the pressure the vote-grubbers. If they want your vote they will have to work for it.

But if you live in Gordon Brown's constituency, don't bother asking him. Despite all his grandiose talk of saving lives so they can see another Christmas, he believes in the culture of death, of abortion mills and of mass murder of the ultimate innocents.

As some coloured chappies once said: don't believe the hype.


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