Wednesday, 21 April 2010

They Will Still Mug/Rape/Rob/Assault/Kill You


Anonymous said...

The next thing the marxist anc are going to seek is the outlawing of guns....we know why don't we?

God Bless the Boers.

Anonymous said...

These t-shirts show how gutless whites are, why don't they wear ones where they challenge the black beast to 'bring it on!', only one thing I can add is that sad as it may sound, I hope that every last single one of these spinless morons suffers close hand what 'racial equality' is!

Anonymous said...

Stop the boere genocide! Join us! Autonoous Nationalists Romania

Dear comrades,

because of the dramatical incidents that take place in South Africa, where the white boers are exterminated every day, without any intervention from the government of the coutry, that instead allows the instigation to murder through the songs of the National South-African Congress, the Autonom Nationalists Timisoara have decided not to be passive to the genocide of our white brothers.

So, we contacted various patriotical and nationalist organisations from Europe to take a common and simultaneous action with the theme "Stop boer genocide". Some of them already responded positively to our proposal. In the memory of Eugene Terre'Blanche, the A.W.B. leader, murdered by black people, and in the memory of all ten thousands of whites killed for their race, we will go out in the street on the 12th of Juny 2010, the second day after the start of the football world cup. All the demonstration will take place peacfully, in perfect order, we will make a speech and we will spread flyers where we will present the inhuman situation of the boer people.

All the people that feel sympathy towards the boer people in South Africa, wich live in a climate of terror and murder, are wellcome to join our action of solidarity with the humanitarian cause of saving the live of a community, that has the only fault to belong to the white race.

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