Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Great BNP Poster - Spoilt

One of the sprogs saw this gem on the BNP website yesterday.

It had us all in guffaws of laughter.

What a shame that, in reality, a good message was ruined by the addition of a freedom fighter in the bottom right.

Remember Guns for the Afghan rebels when the Angelic Upstarts still had the cajones to criticise the fickle Hammer & Sickle before turning ultra red?

Those were the days when groups like the NF supported the Mujahadeen and their struggle against Communism to take back Afghanistan for the Afghans.

With the BNP sending out mixed messages (wanting to be uber-Neo Con on Islam, but taking an anti-war line) it is a shame that a perfectly good anti-immigration poster with a serious message is blighted by a Neo Con addition (albeit one that had us giggling).

Besides which, the queue could easily be one of "black Britons" queueing for kebabs and we all know, after Saturday's Newsnight BNP interview, these second generation coloureds (who are out-breeding us Whites) are now British whilst not being ethnically British. Zoiks.


Anonymous said...

It would have been more effective if the joker at the bottom left had the RPG airbrushed out and had 'rapist' imposed across his nogging.

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