Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Islam Bad Muslims Good?

A colleague sent this to me:

Hilarious phone-in with Nick Griffin on BBC R5 19 4 2010 9.05-9.30

The presenter Nicky Campbell with true BBC bias trailed the phone-in at
8.30 with "Next we have dancing dogs followed by the leader of the BNP,
Nick Griffin".

The leader of what we must now call the British Multicultural Party
since their abject surrender without a fight to the forces of political
correctness, a man who is better named Nick Give-in than Griffin, gave
a truly bizarre performance. One moment he portrayed the BNP as being
hand ultra pc, welcoming black and Asian members and saying how "valid"
gay relationships were, the next he was saying he could not abide gay
men kissing in public and Islam was incompatible with British society
but Muslims were fine. (Yes, amazingly that is what he said).
Is Griffin the full ticket or ever so slightly mad?

Robert Henderson


Anonymous said...

Hmm, a bit like: White racialism is good, but White racialists are bad... of course Griffo is best able to explain this no doubt!

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