Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Romanian Nationalists March Against International Finance

A report from our Romanian Comrades:

About 150 nationalists (according to police sources) and 200 (according to organisers) answered "Here!" on Saturday afternoon at the call of the Timisoara local branch of “Noua Dreapta”, the largest radical nationalist youth movement in Romania, and took part at the march directed against the entire political class, which is considered responsible for the present social and economic situation of Romania. The action was also directed against the colonialist attitudes of the great international capital, particularly identified as International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.
Along the comrades from Banat region marched several other branches of “Noua Dreapta” from around the country: Arad, Petrosani, Cluj, Bistrita, Sibiu, Iasi, Ramnicu Sarat, Brasov, Piatra Neamt, Mures and Bucharest. Also a delegation of Serbian Action from the neighbouring country arrived on the shores of Bega river.
The column of participants started from the Queen Marry Park at 16:00 o’clock and headed for the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral in city centre. Along the route there were several state institutions, like the Prefecture, the County Council and the City Hall.
During the entire action the nationalists waved Romanian Flags as well as green flags displaying the Celtic cross and chanted patriotic slogans such as “World Bank out!”, “Down with IMF government”, “Romania to the Romanians”, “Francmasonry  destroys Romania”, “We do not want to be a nation of slaves!” or “PDL-USL: they all come from Communist Party”. In addition, several banners were displayed with the following messages: “Romania not for sale”, “We want our country back”, “Romania is a national, sovereign, independent, unified and undivided state”, “For a Great Romania, dignified and strong”, “Down with the unique Party of Corruption: PSD-PDL-PNL-UDMR-UNPR. The only opposition – single alternative - Noua Dreapta”.
Among the ones that held brief speeches in front of the Orthodox Cathedral, there were lawyer Tudor Ionescu, the leader of Noua Dreapta, Bogdan Popa, leader of the local branch and also a representative of the comrades from Serbia. All speakers criticised the dictatorship of world financial organisations which chained the European nations through obedient politicians.
“The political parties did nothing since 1990 but steal and sign disadvantageous agreements for our country. Everything is now for sale in Romania, starting with natural resources and finishing with football. We, through this march, wanted to raise an alarm signal”, Bogdan Popa declared in front of the participants.
“It is because of IMF that we reached the point we are at now. The World Bank solution was disadvantageous for Romania. The IMF agreements were disastrous. Cutting salaries, freezing pensions… Only Romanians had to suffer. We must not believe that if the Ungureanu government fell things will get better. It is still the IMF government ruling the country”, stated Tudor Ionescu, leader of Noua Dreapta.
For images and video of the demo visit here.


Anonymous said...

"Britain for the British"

When are they going to take back their Roma?

Anonymous said...

Please educate yourself. The "Roma" are not theirs. The Romanians loathe them: the gypsies there run mafias. The gypsies are Asiatics who came to Europe from India. Read up on it...

It would be like them asking us to take back "our" pakistanis, if some moved their to operate cartels.

Anonymous said...

Well the Roma certainly ain't 'ours', but ok, what about they take back their Romanian compatriots and similarily the Poles take back their Polskies also?

This is Britian, we are WHITE.

Slavs? F**k off back!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above statement, there's far too much acceptance of 'our European brothers' just because they're white and not pakies, bollocks to all of them, they are not British in the first place and they are here to displace us from our own lands.

Pakies or Slavs? Untermensch.

Anonymous said...

You are a jerk.

I'd rather a Polish patriot than a degenerate drug taking faggot who is "British".

Anonymous said...

It is not the fault of our youth, we need to smash the system which agenda is the promotion of degeneracy.

How old are you? Were you old enough to vote for Thatcher along with millions of your countrymen and women does that mean they colluded in her policy of flooding Britain with heroin as a means to pacify and keep the people down?

Anyone it seems who lands on our shores is decent until they are here long enough and 'adopt the British way'.

Britain for the British - Poland for the Poles!

Anonymous said...

Yeah ok, that's what you have the BNP for if you want an Uruguayan to represent British interests ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

Britain for the BRITISH, NO Somalis and no fucking Poles!

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