Monday, 30 April 2012

Billions Given to Bankers - IT IS NOT OUR DEBT

Why is tax-payers' money given to bankers for debts run up by bankers?

An Irishman asks the questions that all decent men should be asking the politicians, bankers, finance "experts" and media spokesmen:


Anonymous said...

when a slave was bought at market was his value merely for his meat? These bastards have all but sold us into slavery.

Anonymous said...

Latest news is the mortgage rates are going to rise. Anyone who takes the vaguest interest in the ways of the financiers will have seen this one coming from afar.

If one accepts that the State despises those who do not abrogate their responsibilities/persue self-reliance rather than State-dependency then this is another example of the State taking vengeance on those who take care of themselves, ie, savers/those who do not live on credit.

LIBOR being the means by which these shysters 'lend' to each other having seized up (by who?) then it was always going to be the funds held by the banks/building societies which were going to be pilfered/squandered that being the monies of their 'customers'. Not only do the financial institutions use the funds that the gullible provide them with to 'offer' mortgages/loans but now they are using the gullible savers' funds as insurance against the writing off of their business customers debt.

Just as mortgages are a scam because it doesn't bother the financiers how much they 'lend', they know that the onus is ALWAYS going to be on the mortgagee to ensure payment, such is the same with their using their savers funds to insure themselves against those who renege on their loans, even if the savers end up with nothing IT IS NEVER THE FINANCIERS' MONEY!

Some may consider it easy to preach against mortgages, loans, insurance, but if they are to be considered Nationalist then they would never fall for such scams, the vast majority of the population play the game but we must consider ourselves a body apart from the masses and our duty is to open their eyes, if they thus decide to persue the materialist/capitalist dream then let them sink! Afterall, it is all well and good 'blaming the bankers' but they are not stupid and they feed of the greed of the ignorant who were not 'forced' to take out 'credit'.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of our own people really are thick as pigshit and it is questionable whether such scum are worth the struggle to save them from themselves!

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