Sunday, 5 August 2012

Do Olympics Gold Medals Justify Multi-Culti Nightmare?

The Twits are at it again.

Last night on Twitter 101 varieties of multi-culti were foaming at the mouth and chewing the carpet. What was the focus of their ire? "racists."

They said things around the fact that a "ginger" a "mixed-race" and a "Muslim immigrant" had won golds should silence the "racists."

Really? As I suspected this is just bread and circuses to keep the sheeple focused on meaningless trinkets and not on the financial black hole the Lab-Con governments have put us into.

Our people are taxed to the eyeballs and left without services just to feed an endless hole of never ending debt to internationalist financiers with no loyalty to GB (state or team!) and certainly not to the peoples of these isles. The poor are robbed not only to pay for the Olympics, but (many times worse) to line the pockets of billionaire and trillionaire financiers.

As for those who say a few medals make multi-culti OK; tell that to those who lost their homes, businesses and lives in last year's Summer riots. Tell that to the mostly white victims of mostly coloured muggers. Tell that to the parents of the next innocent kid knifed or shot by a drugs gang. Tell that to a pensioner on a waiting list who's paid taxes all his life, whilst immigrants fresh-in get free healthcare, schooling, housing etc.

A few medals may make some people feel good about the bread and circuses going on in London. But don't be blind to the financial and societal mess that 'GB' has become.

This time next year we will still be paying taxes to line the pockets of internationalist financiers.
This time next year we will still be reading of young kids murdered by drugs gangs.
This time next year we will still be aware of how the streets of cities aren't safe at night for the elderly.
This time next year we will still be reading of the hundreds of thousands of Asians and Africans (still) flooding in.

The dust will gather on the medals - but we (the plebs, the proles, the poor sods who make up the indigenous working class) will still be paying far too high a price for the disastrous policies that favour usury and coloured immigration.

A few medals won't change that.

And that is what the Twatteratti should realise!


Anonymous said...

No. And the multi-culti GB football team fared as badly as the England team in the Euros. Funny how the "racist" Spanish were crowned champions without a single black player.

Anonymous said...

They are just trying to present this country as some kind of Marxist utopia when in reality it is just a multi-cultural nightmare waiting to desintegrate.
A year ago our cities were being destroyed by negro gangs so the
authorities are simply using the olympics to paper over the cracks
until the next time.

Anonymous said...

Although the media and the deviant-industry are 'making hay whilst the sun shines' they won't maintain this false happy clappy illusion within a month of the end of this grown-ups school sports day.

Just as the Chinese authorities basked in the fact that China beat the US in ping pong at the end of the day it was only f****ng ping pong and the majority of people still had to put up with their food lines, serfdom etc.

In similar vein, even though some nigger has 'run very fast' or a ginger has jumped further than someone else at the end of the day it has nothing to do with the real world or are our people as cretinous?

It always amuses me whenever a nigger is interviewed they invariably state that it was sport 'what saved me from going of the rails' it is funny how they never consider just getting of their arses and GETTING A NORMAL JOB?!

Also, is it not also strange that sports in which Whites excel/participate are now considered elitist? Nothing elitist about shooting or archery it's just that niggers can only run, one thing, to add is that every nigger is an Usain Bolt when on a nigger hunt! ha ha

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