Friday, 24 August 2012

BBC and Equality? Olympics and Paralympics

Do the BBC believe in equality? They would have us believe they do.

So why aren't they giving the Paralympics blanket coverage on all channels? The Olympics was inescapable on the BBC, yet they have allowed Channel 4 to be the "Paralympics Channel."

It's kind of like when the BBC played down race in last year's riots, yet played up race in the Olympics.

We have to believe in equality because... that's what they tell us to believe; regardless of the facts.


Rufus News From Atlantis said...

Indeed. Just like the coverage of Syria, which paints the Al Qaeda terrorists with Bradford accents as the glorious Free Syrian Army (Syrian-free more like!), and the brave military and civilian men and women fighting to rid their nation of the London and DC-paid rats, as veritable dæmons!

The FSA vermin have been filmed torturing Syrian citizens, and forcing them to become human bombs. The BBC accidentally admitted to having the footage, but has now 'lost' it down the memory hole.

Some are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

Oi! Oi! Boothby,

Here you go, you'll love this:

When the fast-food chain owner implicitly criticised gay 'marriage' several mayors announced that its outlets would not be allowed in their cities.

People flocked in their hundreds of thousands to eat at Chick-Fil-A across America. It shows that the majority of people have enough backbone to not cower to the ideological bullies.

Anyway, as a fella who appreciates a burger or two, thought you'd appreciate this!

Let me know when you want to pop around to pick up that book!

Praetorian Guard - League of Welsh!

Anonymous said...

There seems an abundance of Whites involved in the paralympics, is this because Whites are intrinsically explorers, fighters so disproportionately suffer the consequences of such risky persuits?

By the same token, niggers and muds in general are lazy, to busy chasing the welfare cheque and dealing with cultivating the chip on their shoulders!

Anonymous said...

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Company
want to stick ethnic non-European athletes up your nose all the time in order to enforce multi-culturalism and pretend that this is normal, like with Daley Thompson in the eighties.
They could sponsor white athletes if they wanted to, but choose not to.

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