Thursday, 6 September 2012

Want to Decimate Burglary? Stamp Out Drugs!

In the news today a judge is getting stick for calling burglary of a home an act of "courage."

From what I've heard it's clear that the burglar, who burgled three homes, was on drugs at the time.

A solicitor on Radio 5 this morning said that most of the burglars he defended were on drugs or doing it out of desperation to get drugs.

So what's the common link here Poindexter? Drugs!

As I wrote recently, there is no war on drugs. Illegal, Class A drugs are freely available in our towns, cities and villages. The state seems to not want to stamp out drugs, the pushers, the gangs and the spooks behind the drugs cartels.

If we want to wipe out the vast majority of burglaries (and shop lifting) then we have to wipe out the usage and dependency on hard drugs. This is for the Common Good - and out of charity of those hooked on these evil substances.

The problem is that too many lawyers, MPs, bankers and the elite in this country are users themselves. They don't want to take action as they use various drugs. The Guardian and The Independent regularly campaign for liberalising drug laws. The Guardian sells more copies in the BBC than any other newspaper!

The media, politicians, elites etc. may make occasional noises about clamping down on drugs, but this phony war has been going on for decades.

Hard drugs like heroin ruin lives and communities. There needs to be real zero tolerance. Personally I would like to see capital punishment brought in for the pushers of hard drugs. Trace the importers and the cartels. Smash those who profit on misery. And if foreign agencies are involved in the couriering of drugs, then target them too!

There needs to be a real war on drugs. The young especially need to be offered hope - not degradation, oblivion and a futile existence. Sticks and carrots. Wipe out the drugs gangs, help the poor unfortunates.

It really is that simple.

Either we believe in a better society and the rule of law; or we believe in anarchy, amorality, crime and dysfunction.


Antony said...

After we hear that lax controls at HSBC allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder billions of dollars through the British bank's i think everybody should now be aware of exactly why there is no REAL war on drugs. As always, follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Drugs is an excuse, heroin is cheaper (and more socially acceptable!) than 20 fags so how come we don't have an epidemic of smokers going on the rob?

Utter rot, it's about time the wet wipes stopped pandering to the druggie scum.

Just as queers are promoted as hip and fashionable so drugs are also portrayed as all rather naughty.

About time common sense prevailed, queers are degenerates with a fascination with excrement and druggies are mentally defectives!

And no amount of legal legislation/bills/Acts etc. can ever dispel the absolute truth.

jonathan said...

Given a hard enough life anyone can become a mental defective, which is what they are, so lets just have an ounce of pity for the mental defectives, the criminals here are the dealers who destroy working class lives and the working class neighbourhoods that are then destroyed by the people whose own lives have been destroyed, they don't in any case addicts, live very long to destroy these communities, I've known numerous people who have died from being addicted to heroin, actually i don't think i know anyone taking it who has not, whilst it is more intolerable that these people by blighting their lives blight other peoples, the criminals are, and I know this sounds yuky and lefty the pointlessness and alienation and non inclusive poverty that surrounds them, and the evil pushers, I once heard a pusher say that his main aim was to get some poor girl addicted so he could fuck her and do what he wanted with her, I don't know what prevented me from killing him there and then, but then, some would say I would deserve the death penalty, don't assume I'm some horrible liberal, I can't stand them, but because we live in a class society, as opposed to say a nationalist society that is inclusive, with spiritual purpose and economic meaningfulness it is both a class issue that people become addicted AND that other peoples lives are then blighted, where as liberals tend to tolerate evil, and the only reason I can see is because they are sick f**ks, working class people who have to put up with it, take the other route, which often agrees with our rulers, I think tolerant intolerance is called for.

jonathan said...

Oh yeah, and there is a far more important reason than either dislike or pity for taking a hard line on drugs, that is that you can't start a nationalist revolution in a community divided and decimated by pushers and burglars. There would be just no common unity to build on. It is rumoured that the CIA got black communities in America hooked on crack for that very reason, but that could just be old black bulls**t.

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