Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Poof "Weddings" - Democracy is an Arse

So we have democracy right?

None of the "main parties" had "weddings" for homosexuals in their manifestos.

Yet now they all, Tory, Lib, NuLab, SNP, PC and Green favour poof weddings (sic).

So we have no say, no choice and the usual crowd of Islingtonite Guardianistas push the agenda against what most people want AND against our traditions and the common good.

But wait! The Tories announced a discussion on it and asked for feedback didn't they?

Well, yes and no. They ignored the input of anyone opposed to their madness and said they would push ahead with overturning MILLENNIA of law, regardless of what people said!


People often say 'the Law is an ass.'

We might now say 'Democracy is an arse.'

What the people want, what our traditions dictate, what the common good demands and what common sense makes clear: all this is to be overturned on the altar of political correctness to give "rights" to morally corrupt, sexually deviant and mentally unhinged minority of a minority.

The world has gone mad.


Anonymous said...

The Elders hide behind their bastardised version of 'democracy' it has absolutely nothing in common with the Greek originators.

'Democracy' means Death!

jonathan said...

I've been married two years, marriage is not just a ceremony bonding two people, it is a civil commitment, a respectability that is placed within society, these laws and vows that are made are what hold our society together, when these idiots that rule us start undermining the fabric of our society the whole thing breaks down, it is not a question of these two queers or what ever being nice people, when in fact they are arse bandits, it is an inescapable fact that once you start tolerating such a thing, the whole cohesion of recognisable values become unsustainable, it lets all kinds of evil loose, you start with legalising abortion for what ever reason or legalising prostitution, and eventually these evils become the norm and our social fabric, the normal thinking of people, due to the nature of human spirit as hegel would have it, become the norm, and most people then become incapable of higher moral values, which when you think about it, is like a kind of mass mind rape, with out higher values, nothing is sacred or precious, the strength within the whole society is undermined, and you start admiring all those sand monkeys with their primitive hatreds, because they have the strength they are taking away from us, that human versus animal strength of being moral people. I hope that makes sense.

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