Thursday, 21 September 2006

Hungary update

Actually, we're desperately searching for one... can anyone find it?

20,000 people are swarming the streets of Budapest in a vigil to celebrate the imminent downfall of a corrupt régime, in a more honest version of the "revolutions" in Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Georgia.

Many more people are in a state of revolt in towns and villages across Hungary. The corrupt Gyurcsány régime is standing firm, and the government seems to prefer the prospect of confrontation in its own interest, rather than stepping aside for the good of the Magyar nation.

And yet, Sky News have dropped the story. The BBC have stopped reporting on it, as have the other major European and American news networks. It's been shunted to the small print in continental newspapers. Is it possible that somebody wasn't expecting these events?

One reason for this developing story being kept under the cosh is the fact that old Jewish codger and billionaire powerbroker George Soros (right) is one of the main men propping up the corruption-sodden political order in Hungary. Incidentally, with Gyurcsány's help, Soros is one of the main forces behind the "integration" of lawless Roma gypsies into Hungary and the former Soviet satellite states. But despite all those dollars, it appears that his operation in the Magyar state has hit a brick wall. Wonderful!


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