Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Spirit of '56 at work in Hungary?

In 1956, the people of Hungary rose up in rebellion against the murderous rule of Communism, implemented by notorious Jewish fanatics Ernő Gerő and Mátyás Rákosi. Is a similar national revolution underway in Hungary in 2006, and this time, will it be successful?

The left usually queue up to claim responsibility for such rebellions, but if the Reds at the Irish Indymedia site are anything to go by, then they're a little disappointed that the protests sweeping the Magyar state are dominated by the "nationalist right".

Here's FC's reaction to developing events:

1. The salient point is that unlike the past CIA/Mossad-backed "colour revolutions" in Ukraine, Georgia and Lebanon (all of which are now dead in the water), events in Hungary seem to have taken everyone by surprise. And unlike the famed "Orange Revolution" in Kiev, the mainstream Western media doesn't seem as keen on affording much coverage to events in Budapest. In fact, they've dropped it in light of a convenient coup in Thailand, which is hardly as relevant.

2. A Budapest-based "reporter" (let's not take that label too seriously!) for Indymedia Ireland said that "this is not the 'Left' protesting in the streets but mostly the nationalist Right (the 'Left' is the government but theres nothing 'Left' about it) - members of Jobbik and MIÉP are most likely there tonight. I don't like them." These groups, the Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIÉP) and the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) are radical nationalists formed in a political alliance known as the "Third Way", and the time is surely ripe for them to get their political message across.

3. With that in mind, any media source honest enough to cover the revolt will desperately try to portray it as a leftist one, but failing that, they will identify it as one organised purely by the main political opposition to the ruling Socialists, Fidesz. But the same hacks will miss the point that Hungary is possibly now the first country to identify that as political systems go, free market capitalism is just as corrupt as tyrannical communism. The Socialist prime minister at the centre of Hungary's economic scandal - Ferenc Gyurcsány - is a former Communist who supposedly changed his spots. But now, the people of Hungary will recognise that life under capitalism is just as destructive as the system which preceded it. Fidesz, as champions of that same system, simply aren't an option.

4. The lying crook Gyurcsány's Socialists (MSZP) are the same crowd who took Hungary into the European Union in 2004. The E.U. is already unpopular in the accession states, and the MSZP's association with that accession will undoubtedly lead a lot of Hungarians to the right conclusions.

5. If anything, events in Hungary provide evidence for people in England and beyond that we do live in a world where politicians lie and cheat, and very successfully. Gyurcsány was unlucky to have been caught - remember that next time you toss a coin between a Tory or a Tony!

Here's to a Hungary free of capitalism and communism!


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