Sunday, 26 July 2009

Endless Wars, Democracy and a Masonic Oligarchy

I watched the news in disbelief earlier today.

Right: Harry Patch pictured in 2007

The passing away of the last WW1 veteran, Harry Patch, was the main headline. The endless rows of white headstones was shown as a testament to the futility of war.

A speech by the gent was played in which he urged everyone to remember the dead of both sides.

The pointlessness of wars and the needless dead were the overwhelming message.

Then, before more news of yet another dead soldier in Afghanistan (they don't tell us news of the dead Mujahadeen) we had Gordon Brown on to waffle how the dead of WW1 sacrificed all so we could live in a democracy!

WHAT A TWIT. And I cleaned that up.

These idiots, these wilful poltroons, these profiteering pygmies, these bureaucratic cowards, these lying war-mongers... these war criminals par excellence just do not get it!

Not one soldier died in WW1 "for democracy."

Just as not one soldier dies in Afghanistan to "defend our country."

More meaningless wars by which the politicians get back-handers, bribes and positions. More cannon fodder are sent to die in the name of "democracy" so an elected oligarchy, kept in place by a corrupt party system an a subservient media run by a handful of moguls and robber-barons, can keep us all in debt to the banking system and under the heel of an alien freemasonry.

A man like Harry Patch knew the terror as well as the meaningless of war.

he knew that whilst the politicos preach the "brotherhood of man" they send of young men to kill others and die for the politicos petty war games and business cartels.

yet still the Gordon Browns, Tony Blairs, Geoff Hoons and all the other lying bastards - with full pockets! - have the brass neck to waffle on about "democracy."

To return to a favourite theme of mine just last week the war criminal Geoff Hoon prattled on, on the BBC's Question Time programme about protecting citizens. I think one of the Milliband brothers did the same the other week too (on the Andrew Marr Show... anyway, you get the idea).

How about protecting us from gun and drugs gangs in multi-culti England?
How about protecting us from stabbings and muggings in multi-ethnic inner cities?
How about protecting our ancient rights from prying bureaucrats in all levels of government?

or does this fable of "protecting the citizens" only come into their vocabulary when it's new police powers, new laws, the ever-present "Muslim terrorists" etc. etc.

In 1666 part of London burnt down in a terrible accident. On the official monument in London, it still has etched in the stone that "Catholics" were responsible.

yes - those nasty Catholics back then were the international terrorists out to destroy "freedom" and the secret police were adept at fabricating events, conning the gullible into acts, and torturing the innocent into lurid confessions. They also had a compliant Jewish print media on hand to embellish all kinds of rumours and propaganda against the 'terrorists' of the day...

Not much has changed you see.

Still we have a scapegoat designed to keep a corrupt 'elite' in power; still we have a foreign 'terror' threat to take our eyes off the threats to our own liberties at home (to protect us of course!).

As the last soldier of WW1 dies the same platitudes are read out by our politicians.

Will we ever learn?


Anonymous said...

Harry Patch RIP

We must never forget the sacrifice Harry and his comrades made.

If for nothing else, we must make everyone aware that to the State the White Working Class are nothing but either factory fodder or cannon fodder and must do all within our power to never again enter in a fratricidal Brothers' War.

It must have galled our brave soldiers to have seen the people of our Nation endure unemployment due in no small part to the sell-out of successive governments to cheap foreign labour, people unable to be housed because of hordes of immigrants, and the justice system systematically dismantled to favour the criminal elements, not forgetting the pandering of 'our leaders' to terrorist bombs and bullying.

Rufus said...

This is a truly moving article. Every war of the twentieth and twenty first centuries has been a pantomime show, with false opponents battling it out (using real people as the pawns in the game), while the real power (Rothschilds et al) has made massive financial and political gains.

When will we learn indeed?

Anonymous said...

democracy is death. it is a system by which power is handed away from people and to professonal politicians, who themselves are funded by special interest groups. those who believe they have free speech should stand on the street and deny the holocaust and see how quickly they are arrested, tried and imprisoned.

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