Sunday, 27 December 2009

European Arrest Warrants: A Blow Against Natural Justice

In this week's Private Eye [#1252] there's an interesting piece on European Arrest Warrants (EAWs) and their abuse.

They highlight three cases in Greece, France and Portugal of trials which fell way below accepted norms (flimsiest evidence, guilt in abstentia and more).

Of course for nationalists we have to worry that German laws on questioning history could mean the extradition of British subjects who have broken no UK law, on the flimsiest of evidence by political courts.

This is the way the European Union is heading and it should worry anyone who believes in the rights of nations to assert their own laws, traditions, justice, rights, let alone free and fair trials without undue pressure whether from jingoistic media, corrupt local officials or a political class.

Wasn't Fredrick Toben (pictured above), who was convicted of the bizarre crime (sic) of "offending the memory of the dead" in Germany in 1999 [Oliver Cromwell was a despot who banned Christmas - am I guilty too?], almost extradited from Britain on a 2004 EAW despite being an Australian citizen [and thus, for better or worse, a subject of Her Maj] and having broken no UK law? Only the brave decision by District Judge Daphne Wickham ruled the warrant invalid as it contained inadequate detail about the offences.

Even back in the early 80s Margaret Thatcher's government had the sense to see through arrest warrants issued by Italian Communist mayors and officials against young nationalists (Fiore, Morsello and others), charges based on corrupted evidence (sic) and guilty verdicts obtained in abstentia, which have since been disproved in the Italian courts (and various newspapers - in Italy and the UK - which spread the Communist lies having been successfully sued).

So if you have the chance read the article in Private Eye (on page 32, within the "In The Back" section of the magazine) and you will understand why the cases of Andrew Symeou, Deborah Dark and Gary Mann should have all patriots worried.

The sad thing is that liberals and leftists (inc/or/and Private Eye journalists) have chosen to ignore cases such as Toben's for shady political reasons and the Good Friday get-out clause ("they hid... for fear of the..." [Zionists of the day, ahem!]).

Big Brother is not around the corner. As more British citizens are finding out for themselves, Big Brother is alive and well and living in Brussels.


Balder said...

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