Friday, 11 December 2009

Purging the Bishop

"Thus far I have stayed clear of discussions on the Bishop Williamson "affair" and his subsequent exile, but this latest turn of events has really left me cold.

Check out this latest order form from the St Thomas Aquinas seminary audio department:

I can't reproduce a copy of last year's form for you to compare, but can confirm that:
- for the sermons, all of Bishop Williamson's conferences/sermons (as well as the excellent Fr. Doran's) have mysteriously vanished.
- even worse, if you look at the "Catholic Family and Society" series on the second page, Bishop Williamson's contributions (one conference was given in each of the first 3 sets, as I recall) have been carefully purged.

Why? It's not as though he's even talking about those forbidden "historical matters". Nearly a whole year after the initial storm, when the media have lost all interest months ago, what manner of servile cowards are responsible for this idiocy?

Please join me in lodging your protests here: "


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