Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Orthdox Christians Pull Down Anti-Christ Symbol


by Nathanael Kapner

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova - Using hammers and iron bars, Moldovan
patriots smashed a Hanukkah menorah while police looked
on approvingly in Moldova’s capital of Chisinau on December 13, 2009,
the same day the Obama White House bowed before the anti-Christ Hanukkah
image (Moldova is located in Eastern Europe, between Romania and

Led by a Christian priest of the Orthodox Church, identified as Fr.
Anatoly Chirbik, the 100-strong patriotic demonstrators gathered at
Stefan The Great Square where the giant menorah was erected next to the
statue of the Christian ruler and military genius Stefan the Great
(1432-1504). The police said they tried without success to convince the
Christians not to pull the Menorah out adding that they didn’t want to
oppress the Christians.

Standing in front of the object of offense, Fr. Chirbik cried out:
“We’re an Orthodox Christian country. Placing a Jewish symbol next to
the statue of Stephen the Great is an offense. Stephan the Great
defended our country from all kinds of Jews and now they come and put
their menorah right in the middle of our square. This is sacrilege!”

Lifting the Moldovan flag and displaying it to the television news
cameras, Fr. Chirbik added, “The Cross here on our flag is our symbol.
We will protect our nation with the holy Cross! No Jew will oppress us
in our own nation!”

The patriots proceeded to uproot the menorah and replaced it with the
Cross. They dumped the menorah behind a statue of the national hero King
Stefan. On hearing this news, Christians throughout Moldova and Romania
felt a deep sense of relief in seeing brave Christian patriots having
the guts to finally take action against Jewry’s cultural intrusion.

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