Sunday, 22 April 2012

Brighton: Reds Throw Bottles at Families on St George Parade

This message was sent to us by a supporter:

Dear Friends,

Today I was proud to attend the St George's Day March For England in Brighton. The fact that it was a non-political Patriotic parade, didn't stop hordes of unwashed UAF/SWP/Anarchist dregs throwing bottles at us. I saw one of our marchers hit in the face by a bottle. There were young children on the parade as well. The Far-Left failed to stop us and we flew the Cross of St George high!

News report:


Anonymous said...

It's a disgrace that the unwashed scumbags of the Far-Left attacked a Patriotic English parade, with children on it. Their actions will actually help English Nationalism grow, when people see the anti-English hate of the Marxists.

Anonymous said...

At Brighton there was a specimen with a banner reading 'Fags Against Fascism', demonstrating with the Reds and 'black bloc' Anarchists of Class War. The Sun said it was an 'EDL demo'. Not true it was a March For England St George's Day Parade. I met some NF supporters on the march.

Anonymous said...

If the Bolshevists and their Capitalist co-horts ever succeed, then Europe will sink into a sea of blood and mourning.......

We stand against those who deem our destiny and that of our kith and kin is to become factory fodder or cannon fodder to satisfy their own selfish and nefarious ambitions.

We are the heirs of the legions of our brave warriors who fell or suffered persecution at the hands of the forces of darkness.

Long Live Nationalism, we carry on the fight against the endless night!

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