Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mis-sold PPI Insurance? DO NOT PAY to claim it back

There are a lot of adverts on TV, on the radio, on the internet and even via cold calling for firms who say they will claim back thousands of pounds for you.

Don't be conned. Do it yourself. It is easy.

 Go to the websites mentioned in this vid - or just phone your credit card and or mortgage provider(s) yourself. They will be obliged to look into it for you and if you had PPI and didn't need or want it, they will send you a nice juicy cheque direct.

DO NOT go with a claim company. These leeches will take a big fat cut for doing virtually nothing. It is easy. It is your money. Get some of it back from the scum who run the banking system.

And tell friends and relatives (especially the elderly) - you can even help them. The claims companies work on the assumption people are too lazy, dumb or bewildered to do it themselves. But it is EASY. Far easier than applying for a mortgage/credit card in the first place. Just one phone call will get the ball rolling. If in doubt go to the sites this vid mentions and get their help. It really is easy.


Anonymous said...

I was cold called a few months ago by a man with an Asian voice, claiming I would get a PPI refund of £3,000 if I paid him £89. I didn't even take out PPI in the first place!!!

Anonymous said...

Then there is the text trick, they claim that they can do this/that/and t'otherf but what they really want is for your to text 'STOP' so that they know their random call is still live which gives them carte blanche to bombard you with more!

Insurance = Scam....and yes, that does include National Insurance!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone who falls for such scams and considers themselves as fighting for our nation and people really claim to be worthy of leading our national struggle for freedom?

There are far too many thick and unintelligent people ensconced within our ranks.

Anonymous said...

We are supposed to be charitable towards our peoples.

The whole "they are thick so screw them" is the argument of the elitists we are fighting AGAINST.

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