Friday, 20 July 2012

Justifying Terrorism: Hague's Post-Bomb Regime Change Mantra

So terrorists (no doubt CIA led terrorists - that's state-sponsored terrorism isn't it?) have now killed four of, what the media are crowing are, President Assad's 'inner circle' and this - they also tell us, egged-on by hard line Zionists in Washington and London -means the regime is weakening and should change.

This would seem like not only a celebration of terrorism, but as an argument for regime-change by terrorism and the idea that terrorism is justified to bring about political change. A dangerous ploy just prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Are people like William Hague really arguing that a terrorist bomb that would take out four Tory ministers (ministers backing the war in Afghanistan) would be justifiable? Would it usher in regime change? Would it mean that Westminster autocracy was crumbling? If Afghan patriots did it would people like Hague call it justified?

No? I didn't think so.

So why the hell are they gloating about (CIA led) terrorists in Syria?

Remember the British state also paid for and supplied munitions for terrorist attacks (by "Islamacists") in Libya against Gaddafi decades ago.

"The West" does not have clean hands. Our governments are still waging a clandestine war against any regimes they do not like. Yet they have the nerve to point the finger at such regimes who seek to defend themselves.

That's chutzpah. In every sense!

Nationalists should not be fooled. Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Syria. We are seeing Zionist terror tactics used against Arab peoples who pose us no threat whatsoever. None of it will end well.


Anonymous said...

Hague is a homosexual, it is also doubtful whether he has introduced Ffion to his old boy, a prime example of a 'marriage of convenience' as it also serves Ffion and her family as they are what is considered in Wales as the 'crachach'

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