Sunday, 22 July 2012

London 2012 Olympics: Beanfest for Multi-National Big Businesses

They get billions of tax pounds
The Olympics is coming to town.

The global elite and big business mafias are running the show. They have special traffic lanes so not to mix with us plebs. They grab the best seats whilst idiots seeking the bread and circus excitement scrabble for tickets. They tell us what we can wear and eat in their Olympic zone.

Meanwhile small businesses, such as bakers and newsagents, are prevented from mentioning the Olympics - even those excited by it and seeking to promote it -for fear of feeling the mailed fist in the velvet glove that the multi-national tax-dodging overlords will bring down on their heads.

Then we come to the "Power of Nightmares." The elites put missiles around London, even on residential buildings. Yet the people they chose to run the 'secutity' couldn't run a "knees up" in a brewery. So in the end we have the government paying soldiers to do what the government already paid G4S to do. It has a pale reflection of the banking crisis about it: multi-nationals fail and the tax-payer is on hand to bail them out!

And on that score why is it the government can find billions of our tax-money to put on a bean-fest for the mega-rich and the elites (with their useful idiots cheering on), whilst throwing people on the dole? The Masonic crew that run the State always find billions to help out their fellow mega-rich, Masonic, internationalist mates.

If you're a nurse in a state/council run nursing home, cleaning up crap for a living on little more than the minimum wage, then you live in fear of cuts. But if you are the boss of a multi-national, tax-dodging, multi-billion pound bank or Olympic-sponsoring big business (with no real loyalty to Britain) then the state will always find billions to help you out!

The cleaners who tidy up the offices of top politicians recently asked for a living wage. They are not alone. People are struggling to pay utility bills, food bills, mortgages... MPs aren't struggling. Nor are the top bankers, QCs, police chiefs and the rest of people who run the show and keep us in our place.

It's time the political class sided with the people and bailed us out, instead of constantly siding with internationalist big businesses who often syphon funds through offshore accounts and who demand cheap wage-slaves come in from the Third World to undercut the wages of the indigenous few.

They could start by outlawing usury (especially "pay day loan" sharks) - including the parasites who rob the poor and bankroll the political parties with the millions they make. All (productive) loans should be capped at a fixed amount. e.g. 5% above the base interest rate. So, you borrow £10, you pay back a fixed amount of circa £10.50. There's a guaranteed profit in that - but no exorbitant rate to wreck businesses and families.

Imagine mortgages fixed in such a way (not to mention Gaddafi style interest-free loans or gifts from the State of farm land etc.) -- it would revolutionise the country, free people from debt and allow them to spend more. It would help us feel much better off. But as it would knock the multi-billion pound profits of the internationalist bankers and rather put multi-billions back into the real economy, don't expect it to happen.

This government, this State, all the political parties, the media, the police, the judiciary and the lawyers -- all are in the pockets of a usury system dependent on heavy taxation. They will not free us from usury or heavy taxation, because they all get crumbs from the table of the Masters of the Universe, and they all meet in their temples, they all have a revolving-door employment policy and so on.

So go cheer the Olympics, which your tax pound has paid for. Just like the circuses of ancient Rome it may take your mind off the corruption and crime for some weeks.

But when the big black limos and armour-plated cars have left the Olympic traffic lanes, we will still be mired in debt, taxation, crime and slavery.

As the songmeister once intoned: Freedom? What Freedom?


Anonymous said...

And they go on about Beijing and the Communist gala.....Boyles opening ceremony was a far more hardcore marxist fest!

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