Saturday, 7 July 2012

Organised Atheism = War, Gulags and Torture

Atheists like to blame "organised religion" for wars when most wars have been political or even between families(or the same dynasty) for power.

Think of the Norman invaders of England who then fought endless wars with the French over land and rights in France. Both armies were Christian, but religion had nothing to do with a squabble over French lands.

Of course most wars were between standing armies. When massacres of civilians happened they tended to be the exception to the rule.

What the 20th Century proved is that when God is taken out of the equation, the blood-lust of men worsens. Unconstrained by a moral code, atheists murdered more people in the 20th Century than religions have ever been accused of! Morality in the wars fought by atheists (often fought against Christians - even in their own lands - or nations with an outward allegiance to Christianity, if not factual) was the exception to the rule.

Atheism has brought genocide and the gulag, with little hope of clemency or forgiveness. When Christian nations fought each other there was always the hope of truce, of clemency, of sanctuary, of common decency in treating prisoners and suchlike.

Of course Christians through history have not always been perfect (men being men) but take off the supposed "shackles" of Christianity and with no moral code (bar the empty human rights and equality slogans of the commissars which quickly fade) then men quickly descend to depravity, mass murder and torture (from the Ukraine to Cambodia, from Spain to China).

So the next time some Red idiot waffles on about "religious wars" ask him about the millions murdered by organised atheism, as opposed to soldiers killed in historic dynastic squabbles .


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