Monday, 30 April 2012

Billions Given to Bankers - IT IS NOT OUR DEBT

Why is tax-payers' money given to bankers for debts run up by bankers?

An Irishman asks the questions that all decent men should be asking the politicians, bankers, finance "experts" and media spokesmen:

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mis-sold PPI Insurance? DO NOT PAY to claim it back

There are a lot of adverts on TV, on the radio, on the internet and even via cold calling for firms who say they will claim back thousands of pounds for you.

Don't be conned. Do it yourself. It is easy.

 Go to the websites mentioned in this vid - or just phone your credit card and or mortgage provider(s) yourself. They will be obliged to look into it for you and if you had PPI and didn't need or want it, they will send you a nice juicy cheque direct.

DO NOT go with a claim company. These leeches will take a big fat cut for doing virtually nothing. It is easy. It is your money. Get some of it back from the scum who run the banking system.

And tell friends and relatives (especially the elderly) - you can even help them. The claims companies work on the assumption people are too lazy, dumb or bewildered to do it themselves. But it is EASY. Far easier than applying for a mortgage/credit card in the first place. Just one phone call will get the ball rolling. If in doubt go to the sites this vid mentions and get their help. It really is easy.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy St George's Day

A very Happy St George's Day for all our English readers and supporters.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Brighton: Reds Throw Bottles at Families on St George Parade

This message was sent to us by a supporter:

Dear Friends,

Today I was proud to attend the St George's Day March For England in Brighton. The fact that it was a non-political Patriotic parade, didn't stop hordes of unwashed UAF/SWP/Anarchist dregs throwing bottles at us. I saw one of our marchers hit in the face by a bottle. There were young children on the parade as well. The Far-Left failed to stop us and we flew the Cross of St George high!

News report:

Friday, 13 April 2012

Atheism is all About Love and Respect. Right?

One for all the brain dead atheist militants out there.

Atheism has killed more in the last 300-odd years than religion has ever been accused of.

In the 20th Century alone atheist reds killed circa 100 million people.

And yet recent governments have been crammed full of atheists and "ex" Communists.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Quote of the Week: The Avarice of the Bankers

“All this crap is going on because those who stole more than they would ever need and can't stop even now, when they should, are unable to discipline or police themselves. Sooner or later; accent on soon, judgment will come to call. It always does. Push wouldn't come to shove if people would only stop pushing but they cannot. They believe they have the upper hand and that there will never be a better time. They are right about that and this isn't that time either. You can pay now or you can pay later but, given that you are a usurious bunch, you won't be able to walk away from the compound interest, even when it is not in your favor. That's just how you are made. There will be no lemonade from those lemons. You're gonna need to chase it with Stoly or Sterno, meaning now, or later. Fine with me either way. I won't be going till you do and I will be going in the other direction, but not until I see the door hit you in the ass on your way out”

Comment on,

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The English are: European and Always Have Been

MacCulloch in the House of Treason, Westminster
A TV programme on the English has unearthed a Truth that cannot be denied, even by the mental and emotional retards who repeat parrot fashion that "we are a nation of immigrants."

How God Made the English (presented by Prof Diarmaid MacCulloch) has run on BBC2 on Saturday nights and last week all but showed how pre-Reformation England was unified, one people, one Faith. Since the Reformation heresy multiplied, religious conflict multiplied, and England was ripped apart. MacCulloch admits that "tolerance" and multi-culti (a good thing in his mind) started with the Reformation. Even the established Anglican Church has never been unified, split between Anglo-Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and High Church variants who are pro or anti women priests, women bishops, gay priests, gay bishops, and the liturgy is very pick n mix.

From unity and stability we have had disunity and chaos, all added to by 20th Century immigration deliberately planned to undermine and wreck even the nominal Christianity left in place.

This week we were shown info on immigration, primarily how the Celts migrated from Europe and how most English are in fact Anglo-Celts (or Britons converted/switched to  Germanic culture and kingdoms in the 4th and 5th Centuries). So it could be argued that England and Englishness is more cultural than racial. Of course this is true, as racially we are all European. The nonsense that "racial discrimination" is invoked when Anne Robinson slags off the Welsh is self-evidently ridiculous. Xenophobia perhaps. Ignorance maybe. But racist? No.

However, after discussing the waves of invaders and migrants from the Saxons to the Vikings, the Normans to the Huguenots, the presenter of the programme made an observation which is absolutely true but which nevertheless has been banished from all school lessons, text books, history programmes, political talk shows, and so on: that all the immigration into England up until circa the 1940s was European!

The English are a European people. Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Irish, French, Italians... all came. All celebrated their customs, over the years all became English; just as the Welsh, Vikings, Normans etc. who settled in Ireland were all European and became Irish.

The difference in the last 70 or so years is that mass non-European immigration has been allowed to happen, and this has destroyed vast areas of England.

England, since long before the Kingdom of England existed, until just a few decades ago was always European. It was always linked to Europe through its people, its culture, its traditions. It was always racially European.

Now the politicians have wrecked that. They have created a mess in which the English do not know what it means to be English anymore. Many English feel that vast areas, whole cities and towns, are no longer English in any meaningful sense.

What a mess the bunch of traitors in parliament have created! They have wrecked a nation, created a rootless, cultureless, lawless mess. In the process they have sought to wreck the last vestiges of Christianity and now look to uproot marriage. They won't be happy until the raw, bleeding wreckage of England is left for dead.

England was always European. Marriage was always between one man and one woman.

The politicians, in their Lodges (and one might point at the Protocols) have longed for this. The withdrawal from historic Europe, the mercantile exploitation of India and Africa, the false notion that the colonisation of England by the Third World (favoured by Marxists for the vote-factor and Capitalists for the wage-factor) is somehow justified, because (they say!) we have more in common with Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims due to a mercantile empire than our European Christian neighbours.

For our forefathers there was no need to get "hung up" on race any more than marriage, for both were as natural as sunshine and rain. Sadly, we now have a situation where the Emperors Clothes situation is being played out in front of our very eyes, and so we have to reiterate the bleeding obvious.

One of those is that the English people always have been and must always be European, racially, culturally and spiritually.

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