Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Cartoon That Very Nearly Never Appeared! And it's Not About Mohammed!

Here's one of the funniest comedy songs! Listen out for "even though they killed my Lord."


Sadly it's without the video/cartoon footage, but you can see that on the following clip.

This one has the series creator performing the song live. Listen to the audience howl with laughter!

This episode caused such affront to the TV execs (imagine!) that it nearly never saw the light of day.

And one more for the road - "You Have AIDS." Enjoy.


Craig said...

That's a great song. Fox didn't like it so they pulled that episode, they don't want to offend their (pay)masters after all, but it appeared on the DVD - I might post it on YouTube if I can find a way.

Family Guy isn't that good a comedy in my opinion but the songs are funny.

behind blue eyes said...

Laughed my head off at that.

I can just picture the Fox executives choking on their when they saw that.

Anonymous said...

It's an Osborne-style cartoon version of the Griffin family - names had to be changed (from Nick, Jackie etc.) for legal reasons!

One Eyed Mason said...

The Fox execs neer allowed it on TV!

Oy Vey!

It apeared on DVD.

We're just lucky they didn't order it destroyed.

If Family Guy didn't have Jewish creators/producers this would have been buried in the sand!

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