Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sri Lankan Goes UKIP to Get British Jobs for British Workers

I think the BNP will be jealous of this, because in truth they would love to have a publicity coup like this!

No doubt they will attack UKIP for"selling out" but this is what the BNP would do (with a non-Muslim natch!) to prove they are not nasty racists or neo-nazis.

British Jobs for British Workers eh?

BBC News


Anonymous said...

"Oi! Ceylonite, go and pick me some tea, then go and make us a brew..."

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe how so called nationalists and conservatives will stoop for a vote.

It's why I can't vote Tory ever again. To see 'conservatives' who conserve nothing hob-nobbling with Jews, Moslems and other guttersnipes is appalling.

Alan said...

Never mind voting Tory - I can't vote at all. Just to get some shyster on a pension-for-life!!! my arse!

Ryan said...

The BNP will have their own house-immigrant for the voters soon!

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