Thursday, 30 April 2009

Forza Nuova Priest Candidate Gives Fascist Salute

Left: Padre Tam, a lifelong Fascist, Catholic priest and FN mayoral candidate.

Is Ranting Ron's identity finally exposed?

"Catholic priest Giulio Tam, well known for his extremist right views, raised his right arm when speaking at a rally of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova party in Bergamo, northern Italy."

Right: Angelo Idi is a Sacristan, not a priest [one of many errors by the newspaper reporter in the first link].

The Swastika Priest

Fr Tam's Documents on the Revolution in the Church

Fr. Tam - Forza Nuova's Mayoral Candidate

Race-Mix Councillor Joins English Democrats

Some of you may remember articles about Cllr Johnson in FC mags past.

Now it seems his flip-flop politics is complete (or is this Chapter 3 in an ongoing saga? We can only hope!).

Local News on Cllr Johnson

Ahmadinejad: "The Idol of Zionism..."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "The Idol of Zionism Created by the West Must Be Shattered"

Ahmadinejad on Zionism

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Police Pay Informants on "Left" and "Right"

In the tapes, an officer boasted that they could "afford more than 20 quid" for information. Another suggested Miss Gifford could earn "tens of thousands of pounds" if she agreed to be a spy.
How many spies do the police employ in the "right wing" and what is their bill?


The Met Alone Spent £2.2 Million on Informants in 2007

Police Tried to Infiltrate Plane Stupid

Muslim Terror Trial on Last Night's Newsnight

My previous post is added to by last night's Newsnight [see it on BBC iplayer].

The finding of 3 men 'not guilty' of helping to plan the '7/7' terror bombs in London raises lots of questions.

Were the men tried on the basis of guilt by association?

Were the perpetrators known by MI5 and this fact covered-up?

Why were clear pictures of 7/7 terrorists not released?

This will make those who see a conspiracy behind the whole 'al qaeda' kerfuffle see justification in their claims.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

CIA Broke Geneva Convention

Obama has opened a can of worms re. waterboarding and the other tortures used by the CIA under Bush's tenure.

In breaking the Geneva Convention the USA's whole 'war on terror' [even discounting the CIA-nature of Al Qaeda, ref Osama Bin Mossad by Prof Sanfratello] is totally undermined.

Democracy means accepting the government that the lodges choose for you, wherever you live.

With more evidence and pics to come out re. Waterboarding etc. this may see the final collapse of the whole 'war on terror' debacle.

Good riddance.

Monday, 27 April 2009

20 Years On: The Third Position: 1989 Principles Still Ring True.

Let the Left-Wing Communists and the Right Wing Kosher Tories complain all they like!

The founding principles of the Third Position are now 20 years old, and they are as valid today as they were then. Not one iota, not one jot has been changed, nor does it need to!

The Truth is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

No shekel bribes can change it, no race-mixing squeezed in, no central pillars airbrushed out for media acclaim, no opposing forces like Freemason and Zionism quietly given the green light.

Read the Declaration of Principles.

The various points still resonate today with what people are searching for. Nationalism, Distributism, Popular Rule, Anti-Zionism, Pro-Family, Anti-Usury, Pro-Ecology!

10 Point Declaration

Ave Mussolini!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Manchester Arrests, Government Statements and the Police State

Does anyone out there in blogland feel that the much-publicised arrests of a dozen mostly Pakistanis in Police State gun law style, and their subsequent release without charge, is a little bizarre?

  • We must assume that the "evidence" against them was flimsy, hearsay or flawed.
  • We must assume that the PM was lying or deceived when he stated they were involved in a big bomb plot.
  • We must assume that the attempt to expel and ban them from the UK is an attempt to cover up the embarrassment of the police.
Right: Who erodes our freedoms and why?

Now, ignore the fact that these people were Pakistanis. Ignore the fact that they were immigrants (albeit on student visas).

Should nationalists be concerned at the curtain of lies, subterfuge, cover-up and state secrecy?

What if nationalists (painted as "mad nazis" etc. by the media, of course) were treated like this on the flimsiest of evidence, hearsay and later released without charge?

Might that day still come if we remain silent today?

Which should we fear more? The CIA/Mossad ghost that is "Al Qaeda?"

Or the encroaching police state which uses "anti terror" legislation even to arrest opposition MPs, and move on peaceful protest?


Friday, 24 April 2009

Communist Dr John Reid Lies About Credit Crunch/Recession on BBC

Yesterday the Glaswegian "ex" Communist thug Dr John Reid (Home Secretary under Blair) mugged a news reporter. It was a verbal mugging, but it was as violent and sickening as the real thing.

Right: The old left v. right media/political circus continues. However, none of the media moguls will dare to expose the banking/taxation con as they are all tied into the same system.

One thing you may have noticed about Communists - of the unashamed or "ex" variety - is that a. they are never wrong even when they patently are, b. they use words like "actually" rather a lot, and c. they love the sound of their own voice and will readily speak over anyone else .

So it was yesterday that the "doctor" cornered the news reporter. Like a scene out of a Victorian Whitechapel Jack the Ripper drama, I waited with baited breath for the flash of a blade and the swirl of a cape followed by an evil cackle! But no.... not even a cloud of dry ice to set the scene!

Dr. Reid, known for being a particularly astute master of spin in the discredited, war criminal government of Tony Blair (who now travels the world telling the Arabs he wants peace! mwah ha ha!) has not lost the knack of telling bare-faced lies and truth-dodging like the best of them.

When the reporter asked why New Labour had wrecked the British economy and sold generations to come into penury via increased taxation to pay back the Usurious banks for bailing out the... usurious banking system(!) [NB: I may have slightly added to the question, but the meaning was the same] Dr. Reid squared up to the camera and went straight into Marxist-mode.

Apparently, so quoth Dr. Reid in his Scottish brogue, addressing the reporter by his first name, in that annoying New labour way of over-familiarisation used just before the sharp blow under the ribs into an essential organ, a year ago no-one foresaw this catastrophe.

So that's OK then!

The bank collapse was bigger than anyone could possibly imagine, the government take-over of banks was beyond the wit of any man, and so on.

As usual with any Marxist Dr. Reid was dancing around the truth to cover his own back and the backs of all his NuLab colleagues who have presided over an economic collapse and a tax-slavery which will effect millions for generations.

Far from getting cosy one-sided conversations from a compliant media and his MP wage, this man and those of his ilk should be horse-whipped through the streets and his properties sold to make provision for the families facing destitution.

But I digress.

Dr. Reid asked the interviewer to name two people who foresaw the collapse, to which the BBC bod fumbled a little before offering the name of Vince Cable MP, the Lib Dem economics spokesman.

Dr. Reid then said that Mr. Cable hadn't foretold the depth of the crisis and he laughed off the fact that the BBC chappie couldn't even name a second individual.

Dr. Reid, the Clydeside Communist thug can laugh, a modern Nero whilst Rome burns, but for those thrown on the dole, those losing their homes, those struggling to make ends meet - this is far from a laughing matter.

Of course the fact that many people throughout the world DID forecast this collapse is missed by Dr Reid because it doesn't fit his "honest but caught out" B.S.

How many morons thought that the debt bubble - especially the American debt bubble in the tune of Trillions! - could have continued?

A colleague whom I could best describe as a fascist with a hint of national socialist has been sending me emails of articles for the last 2 years or more detailing all this, stating that there was going to be a collapse and to buy up stocks of gold.

A plethora of Distributist, Social Credit and patriotic Christian writers were warning of the same.

Another friend sent me an article in of all places an Irish republican "right wing" magazine which was basically an interview with an American populist economist who said exactly the same thing. This was circa 18 months ago.

In short whether it was American libertarians or populists, Distributists and Social Creditors, or European and British Fascists and National Socialists - a common theme in the last 12 - 18 months prior to the "Credit Crunch" was that the American debt bubble was going to burst and take all of us down with it.

The Communist/Nu Lab thug and idiot Dr. John Reid may not like this because it undermines his Communist past and his Capitalist job.

So many people were putting out warnings, but (collectively and somewhat unjustly) the likes of Reid (not to mention the BBC journalists, media men in general and politicians across the board) would dismiss the warnings as "fascist propaganda."

To conclude (OK, stop cheering) I believe that Dr. Reid is doing another of those great traits of Communism: he is re-writing the past, airbrushing out certain figures, to confirm with the outlook of the new regime.

"No-one knew" clucks the panicked hen as it charges around the farmyard, and all the other political and media hens join in.

"No-one knew! No-one knew!"

The truth is quite different. But don't expect a Communist political-retard like Dr John Reid to "fess up" (yo yo yo negro! Down in da hood!) to this one, because it would expose what a con-trick the whole banking system is, and the political system on which it relies, and the media magnates which ensure the truth never comes out.

John Reid MP's website

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy St George's Day

A very Happy St George's Day to all our English readers and supporters - and those of English descent.

Today I have heard umpteen lefties, media-liars and assorted atheists repeat the lie that St George was a "Turk."

They know damn well that St George was an heroic Roman soldier from Asia Minor and as European as you or I (Asia Minor was then Greek and an integral part of the Roman Empire).

In short St George would have been indistinguishable from the Romans from modern-day Italy, Spain, Germany, Britain, Romania, France etc. that served in the Roman Army and gained Roman citizenship.

The media and political class do not want St George's Day celebrated because they understand that to be English is to have your roots in Anglo-Saxon England, whereas to be "British" is now just a name on a passport. Even so-called patriots say, for example, that a Zimbabwean who's as black as your hat and an African to his core, can be a "patriotic Briton!!!"

They also loathe the idea of England being at ease with its Christian roots, something that galls the atheists in the Labour Party especially; but which also jars a nerve in groups as disparate as Zionists and homosexuals.

So raise high the Cross of St George, brought back by Richard the Lionheart from the Crusades!

Perhaps the idea of sacrifice and loyalty as embodied by ST George, the Roman soldier, may infect a few more nationalists... so that they too may realise that to do what is right is far more important than giving up your core principles!

Cry God for Harry, England and St George!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

English Translation of Ahmadinejad's UN Racism Speech

As nationalists we should always look for the "news behind the news." Why did the European Nations walk out? Why did the Jewish State, as well as Israel, boycott the conference?

Can it be that Neo Cons and liberals can't face an inconvenient truth? i.e. that Israel was founded on lies, terrorism, murder, ethnic cleansing and has existed in like manner ever since!

Are we to believe that the only people who can never, ever be accused of racism - despite the Talmud and the facts we see in reports from Palestine - are the Jews? Just as the only historical matter we are never, ever supposed to question is the holohoax.

Read these excerpts. What exactly is so offensive? Is the Iranian leader defending illegal wars? Torture? Extraordinary rendition? Crashing the world financial system?

Are we really to believe that discussing the facts of Israel's foundation is so offensive as to provoke the kind of walk out that had all the hallmarks of a Soviet media circus, with the Red Beast calling the shots and all its satellite states following the pied piper's tune like so many rats...

Switch the word Soviet for Zionist and you're somewhere near the truth!

English translation of excerpts from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at the U.N. racism conference:

"Following World War II, they resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering. They sent migrants from Europe, the United States and other parts of the world in order to establish a totally racist government in the occupied Palestine. In fact, in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe, they helped bring to power the most cruel and repressive racist regime in Palestine."


"It is all the more regrettable that a number of Western governments and the United States have committed themselves to defend those racist perpetrators of genocide, while the awakened, conscious and free-minded people of the world condemn aggression, brutalities and bombardments of civilians of Gaza."


"Ladies and gentlemen: What are the root causes of U.S. attacks against Iraq, or invasion of Afghanistan? Was the motive behind the invasion of Iraq anything other than the arrogance of the then-U.S. administration and the mounting pressures ... to expand their sphere of influence, seeking the interest of giant arms manufacturing companies, affecting another culture with thousands of years of historical background, eliminating potential and practical threats of Muslim countries against the Zionist regime? Or, to control and plunder energy resources of the Iraqi people. Why indeed were almost a million people killed and injured, and a few more millions were displaced and became homeless? Why indeed have the Iraqi people suffered enormous losses amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars? ... Wasn't the military action against Iraq planned by the Zionists and their allies in the then-U.S. administration, in complicity with the arms manufacturing companies, and the owner of the world?"


The United States and its allies not only have failed to contain the production of drugs in Afghanistan, but also the illicit cultivation of narcotics multiplied in the course of their presence. The basic question is what was the responsibility of the then-U.S. administration and its allies? Did they represent countries of the world? Have they been mandated by them? Have they been authorized on behalf of the people of the world to interfere in all parts of the globe, and of course mostly in our region? Aren't these measures a clear example of egocentrism, racism, discrimination, or infringement on the dignity and independence of nations?"


Ladies and gentlemen: Who is responsible for the current global economic crisis? Where did the crisis start from? From Africa? From Asia? Or was it first from the United States?"


"Dear friends, today, the human community is facing a kind of racism that has tarnished the image of humanity. In the beginning of the third millennium, the world Zionism personifies racism that falsely resorts to religion, and abuses religious sentiment to hide their hatred and ugly faces. However, it is of great importance to bring into focus the political goals of some of the world's powers and those who control huge economic resources and interests in the world, and mobilize all their resources, economic and political influence, and world media to render support in vain to the Zionist regime, and maliciously to diminish to indignity and disgrace this regime."

UN Chief's Impartiality Under Question

Zionist Extremists Try to Stop Free Speech

Ahmadinejad compromise didn't stop Zionist boycott and walk-out at UN Racism conference.

Revisionism Dropped from Speech

Saturday, 18 April 2009

1985: Hollywood's No 1 Enemy and How the Zionist Lobby Works

I took it upon myself to engage in some top level political research the other evening...

Yes, it's tough but someone has to do it as the country goes to the dogs (and that's not cockney rhyming slang, though it could be).

Thus it was I sat tippety tappetying (!) on my laptop, watching "Back to the Future."

Ah! The memories came flooding back. The funny clothes, the awful hairstyles, the dated music and clich├ęd catch phrases. Yes, 1985 was a bizarre era.

The funny thing was explaining all the intricacies of the film to the FC sprogs who weren't around back then and for whom 1985 is ancient history.

So it was at various conjunctures in the film the "heroes" are assaulted by "Libyan terrorists." Not only are they terrorists, not only are they Libyans, but they are gun-totin' Libyan terrorists!

The FC Sprogs, raised on a diet of their pater ranting and railing against the evening news connected with Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine had very little notion of Libyans.

And it struck me what a bizarre world we live in.

Of course, as I tenderly explained to them, back in '85 it was the Libyans who were "enemy number one" to the Americans, Israel and the rest of the (stop laughing) free world.

Saddam was still on-side. Even Iran was being fed munitions and hardware (American/Zionist policy being Iranian/Iraqi mutually assured destruction). Lebanon was on its knees.

Despite the fact that Libya had never invaded, bombed or declared war on the USA -- or even so much as made disparaging remarks about the quality and cleanliness of its coastal waters -- here we had a Hollywood film showing, yes you remembered, gun-totin' Libyan terrorists on American soil, threatening the lives of good, solid American heroes like Michael J Fox.


You see, as the FC sprogs were so blissfully unaware it was America that had bombed Libya. Some of you may recall that they even killed one of the children of the Libyan leader. Now imagine the uproar if a country bombed Washington DC killing one of the Obama children... Yet here we have a Hollywood film - a film written and directed by one Robert Zemeckis naturally - which paints the Libyans as the renegades, as the terrorists, as the infringers of another nation's security.

When I carefully and lovingly explained all this to the FC sprogs they saw the delightful irony in all this.

Would a Hollywood film, made by Zemeckis, Spielberg or another of that class of people, now have the Libyans spraying machine gun fire in a shopping 'mall' car park?

Or would they have the Iranians threatening American freedoms?

Take a guess.

All that is certain is that Hollywood will always take the opportunity to underline the common misunderstanding that the "Ayrabs" are the baddies.

Heaven forbid that there should ever be a film, serious, fatuous or anywhere in-between, that had the bad guys as a Mossad black ops team working in America (despite the fact that they have, and many Israelis have been arrested/expelled in and from America, including some carrying blueprints for sensitive buildings et al.

So if you haven't seen it in some time, watch Back to the Future (defensive Pork Pie at the ready of course) and look out for the "Libyan terrorists" courtesy of the American-Zionist Lobby, Hollywood, Robert Zemeckis and his confreres' attempts to twist the public consciousness.

Forza Nuova Defend Mussolini, Defend Fascism, Defend Italy's Honour

This poster was issued by Forza Nuova to proclaim their defiance at the shame brought about by the betrayal of Mussolini and the Fascist cause by the cowards who surrendered to the USA-Mafia on the 8th of September 1943.

The reintroduction of the Mafia and the Freemasons under the auspices of the "allies" in 1943 ruined Italy's social cohesion and the rights won by the Italian workers, workingmen's guilds and the Italian nation.

Years of Masonic and Communist terror were reintroduced by the agents of the Rothschilds and the Red Brigades to an Italy which had enjoyed growth and prosperity, peace and security.

Forza Nuova helped to heal the wounds of September 1943 by siding with the men of honour, who continued to fight the allied gangsters and agents of New York elites.

Forza Nuova stood strong against decades of insipid war propaganda and lies heaped upon the brave men and women of Italy.

Italian and British patriots should be proud that Forza Nuova is not ashamed to defend those who stood true to the Fascist cause, especially after the betrayal of September 1943 and more latterly by the betrayal of Fini's"post-fascism" and those who have mimicked him and his Israel-friendly "nationalism" (sic) across Europe.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Harry's Place, Simon Darby and Internet Lies

The leftie trolls have lost the plot, and not for the first time!

On the blog Harry's Place (mirrored on an Anti-BNP site in Essex) after wittering on about the BNP Vs BPP internet slaggings off (wherein everyone's a spy, poof, druggie etc.) they finish with this chapter on Simon Darby being a "superspy:"

This is a line that Nick Griffin’s former comrades in the International Third Position have been pushing for some time and they allege that the emergence of a photo of Darby being given a Nazi salute at the recent Euro-Fascist convention in Milan is part of a complex plot to discredit the BNP and that Darby is ‘a known MI5 operative’!
Er... not so chaps.

The lefties may think that there is some all encompassing super-conspiracy in which supper-efficient Walter Mitty types can create both cause and effect, and are able to direct people here, there and everywhere to their ends.

We don't.

Not even the Rothschilds have that kind of omnipresent, omnipotent powers (ooooh too "anti-Semitic for you leftie types? Don't you like "naming names" at the top of the Masonic-Banking elites????).

Our points in the original post below were these:

1. What would the liberal, Zionist, anti-fascist No.2 in the BNP make of the fascism of our Italian Comrades? Darby and his ilk are the Finis of the UK ("post fascist" liberal Zionist pro-Israel claptrap et al) and FN have seen through the flim-flam of Fini and his ilk.

2. Darby is most likely MI5. Councillor Simon Smith (on his Nationalist Truth Blog) has unearthed a lot of material re. sharing addresses with Lib Dem election agents, asking youngsters to handle questionable firearms - and more. So we wondered why on earth the Italians invited Mr. Darby, a questionable person belonging to the UK's "Most Zionist Party."

The left may like to think otherwise, but we do not think Mr. Darby choreographed the event and the salutes (something the Italians, unlike the BNP, are not ashamed of, coming from Roman antiquity and embracing the socio-economic dynamism of the Guilds etc.).

To state otherwise says more about their ignorance, woefully wide-of-the-mark preconceptions and political inadequacies.

Or perhaps they are simply trolls trying to muddy the waters...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Llywelyn the Last's Celtic Cross Battle Flag

According to Wikipedia:

Banner known as Y Groes Nawdd or "The Cross of Neith" said to have been the battle flag of Llywelyn the Last.

Llywelyn the Last - as the name suggests - is still held by many in Wales to be the last legitimate Prince of Wales - killed in 1282. The current holder, of the House of Saxe-Coburg, is not said to hold the title legitimately.

Wikipedia Welsh Flags

Owain Glyndwr's Flag

Forza Nuova Flag in Use: Get Yours Today!

Simon Darby stands in front of the Forza Nuova flag which is for sale on the FC Web Shop!

Simon loves his Forza Nuova flag!

Available now for just £7, this great flag doesn't mind whether you salute it or not...

Forza Nuova Flag.

Forza Nuova Buckle

Forza Nuova Polo Shirt (other sizes available too)

See the flags in use in this video:

Makes you wonder how long the anti-fascist Zionist BNP will remain allies of the fascist pro-Palestinian Forza Nuova.

We sure live in interesting times!

MI5's Darby and the "Fascists"

BNP No. 2 meeting "fascists" and "holocaust deniers"???

Will he be denounced as a "fascist" or a "political necrophiliac" or even a "dinosaur" by the BNP leader... as other BNP activists have whose real crime was to have dared to question the BNP's Zionism or its dodgy accounts fiddling etc.?

The sad thing is that the European nationalists have invited a known MI5 operative (see previous entries on 5IMon Darby for details) and would-be leader of a known Zionist party!

For shame.

When asked if he felt it was acceptable for an MEP to have denied the Holocaust, he replied: "I don't think it's right."

Evening Standard

News of the World

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

John Demjanjuk: A Case Study in Hatred

"Eye witnesses" lied about the innocent man Demjanjuk in Israel a generation ago.

Yet those who profit from misery and those desperate to whitewash Israeli crimes in 60-year-old war propaganda are adamant that an innocent man should be dragged into foreign courtrooms yet again...

Pat Buchanan spells it out:

The True Haters

Labour Spin Doctor's Lurid E-Mails: A Side Show.

There is a clamour, lead by the leading Tories who feature in the offending emails by his chief spin doctor, Damian McBride, for Gordon Brown to apologise - or even to resign.

Right: Conservative Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Beds., has described the Prime Minister's office as a "cesspool." On TV the pro-life MP described the made-up lies spread about her as the sort of thing you scrape off the bottom of your shoe. As with the Home Secretary's Porn-Gate scandal, one wonders what the Labour 'wymmin' sisterhood think about all this.

Of course heads should roll, and again this should remind us of the rotten core of the Westminster party system as Messrs Belloc and Chesterton warned us almost 100 years ago.

However, there is something very wrong here, and I don't mean in the sense of those drunk with power thinking they can besmirch the reputation (perceived or otherwise) of politicians with fabricated personal smears.

What I mean is this:

We have a government that has involved us in one illegal war and one other that is questionable at least and offers no benefits to our peoples.

We have a government that has brought the country to its knees and done nothing about endemic crime, drugs, people smuggling, family breakdown etc.

We have a government that presided over the biggest bank crash ever, which sold off the gold reserves at rock bottom prices, and which has poured hundreds of billions of pounds into the banking system (whilst leaving workers to go to the wall), thus mortgaging our children's and grandchildren's future to the same failed banking system.

Yet not one head rolled!

The whole bloody party system should be - excuse my Anglo-Saxon colloquialism - out on its arse!

Yet we have a compliant media that kicks up a storm over peripheral matters such as expenses and dodgy e-mails. As relevant as they are to the greed, corruption, degenerate and lying nature of so many on the party system gravy train, we are missing the bigger picture here.

What banks did Tony Blair get cosy sinecures with? And Norman Lamont? And where will Gordon Brown get his pockets filled?

All these criminals get mega-wonga for selling us all into indentured slavery to the banking system.

I don't care if Blair and Brown never sent a dodgy email or claimed a dodgy expense in their lives!

They are criminals and should be doing hard labour for the rest of their lives for the illegal wars and penury they have visited on us all.

Email Smears Breached Code

The Key People - inc video link

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Last Week's Quote: 1846 and Jewish Control of the Press

"The daily political press of Europe is very much under the dominion of Jews."

Rev. B. W. Wright,
Monthly Account of the Proceedings of the London Society for the Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews,
April 1846.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Euthanasia Talk Stopped in Cork, Ireland

Ireland left a deep impression on GK Chesterton when he was there in 1918. He, like us, would be proud of the Irish militants who are fighting for the rights of all Europeans today.

An Anon reader of this blog left this response to an earlier post:

"Off topic but last night in Cork here in Ireland, Professor Len Doyal the proponent of both voluntary and non voluntary euthanasia was sent packing. His lecture was cancelled.

"Well done to all involved in stopping the talk at Cork Hospital.

"It features in many of the Irish newspapers but last night highlighted clear opposition to any foisting of the euthanasia agenda in Ireland.

"Len Doyal is not welcome in Ireland."

Well done to the Irish. Yet again when it comes to protecting the sanctity of human life, the Irish have proven themselves worthy adversaries of the Masonic agenda.

Irish Independent on Cork Lecture

Youth Defence Lobbied Against Lecture

Irish TV on Cancelled Talk

A question:

Who has caused more suffering to our people:

1. Islamic terrorists [copyright ADL]


2. Usury Bankers.

And how do we treat those who cause the most suffering?

Answers on a postcard to:

Gordon Brown
c/o MI5-CIA Smokescreen House,
Billion Pound Bailout Street,
Illegal Warville,
Mass Unemploymentshire,
MO5 5AD.

Different Strokes & the BNP = Pressure Valve Politics

This has been taken off the net by one of the folks at North West Nationalists.

Please lick on this and play it whilst you stare in disbelief at the above picture, and read the following text!

First we had Zimbabwean "patriotic Britons" in Cumbria (under the guidance of Martin 'Never Trust a Tory' Wingfield).

Then we had "Purging the Droid" a BNP leader on Stormfront stating that coloureds should be in the BNP.

Next we had multi-culti cavortings in Wrexham (in North Wales where the BNP distro-centre is based) with BNP members "getting down wiv a bruvva."

And now this! (sorry if I missed any)

As we have said countless times, the BNP is nothing more than a multi-culti, race-mixing, homo-ambivalent, Zionist anti-Muslim pressure group designed to make money for its top brass.

Sorry to say this for anyone who believes the spin: but this is pressure-valve politics designed to get nowhere and achieve nothing.

We may as well all vote/join UKIP!

Singalong now... 'Young, Gifted and Black - is where it's at!'

Good Friday: Do Not Hide "For Fear of the Jews"

Good Friday: Do Not Hide "For Fear of the Jews"

As he goes to Church this Good Friday, the leader of the "Christian" BNP will be remembering the Crucifixion and Passion of Jesus Christ.

Right: The "free world" is led by Zionists and our entire foreign policy - including the meaningless deaths of servicemen - is dictated by Zionism. Obama (Austrians speak Austrian - is he NuBush?) is pushing to get more European Armies into Afghanistan to prop up another useless Zionist War that America started. Unless politicians acknowledge that international geopolitics is imbued with Zionism, that Usury banking is almost entirely Judaic and that Sanhedrin-style groups like the Bilderbergers, CFR, Skull & Bones, AIPAC, ADL etc. 'run the show' through intimidation, power, bribery and coercion - then there can be no breaking free. Certainly whipping up the 'Power of Nightmares' over a side show (Jihadis) which has been orchestrated for the benefit of Israel and the Zionist Lobby will do nothing to reveal the Truth, but rather condemns those who spread "war and the rumour of war"

Over the last few years there has been a bit of friction between what some observers term "the Western Church" or "the Latin Church" and organised Jewry over Good Friday.

At one stage the Church dropped the prayer for Jews at Good Friday.

How bizarre! For how could it be "hateful" to pray for someone?

The point was that the Jews (read top Zionists, Masonic groups et al) didn't want reminding that they rejected Christ and that the Jewish authorities organised the Romans and the crowds so that Christ would be crucified, mistakenly thinking that this would be an end of the matter!

The whole issue of Good Friday is so "hateful" to the Jewish authorities that a mini-industry has sprung up to ensure that the facts of the day are re-written, besmirched or outright attacked.

We saw this when Mel Gibson's powerful film The Passion of the Christ came out a few years back.

One of the most powerful and innovative films of a generation, it was attacked by groups such as the (wholly Masonic and Zionist) ADL for being "hateful" because it kept strictly to Biblical history and the accounts of the Saints of the suffering of Jesus Christ.

The very nature of Good Friday is that it reminds Christians and Jews that Judaism was abrogated by Christ's sacrifice on Calvary, and the false religion of Phariseeism (made more evil and anti-God through the Talmud) with its hatred of Christ is what passes for Judaism today.

As writers and academics have pointed out, this Pharaseeism has nothing to do with the Old Testament, with its bizarre admixture of Kabbalism, reincarnation and all manner of bizarre customs and beliefs, no matter that the birth of Christ and His foundation of His Church on the "rock" of St Peter made Judaism null and void.

Good Friday and Holy Week are the most important festivals of the calendar for Christians, even more so than Christmas because if it was to this moment that all ancient history led, and from this point that all modern history started.

The fact that the enemies of Christ see Good Friday as "hateful" speaks volumes, because it reminds them and us exactly who crucified Christ and why they crucified him.

The Sanhedrin, the Jewish authorities who tried Christ, mocked Him for saying that He would destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days, thinking he meant their building in Jerusalem. They didn't realise that Christ was the new temple, and that He was referring to His own imminent death and Resurrection.

Of course the Marxists (remember who founded Marxism) still pour scorn on the Resurrection too, because without that Good Friday is "just another death" and not Deicide.

So as the leader of the party who claims to be the sole defender of Christianity in Britain goes to his Easter services today and Sunday, he would do well to remember who organised the crucifixion, who demands that prayers should be tailored to airbrush "the inconvenient truth," and who continues to pour hatred on Christ's Passion and Resurrection.

A hint to Mr. Griffin: it ain't the "muzzies."

Meanwhile to those who see the "sole enemy" as Islam (forgetting who invented Islam as a buffer to stop the spread of Christianity Eastwards towards the Tartar lands and Khazaria) who will probably be at the new cathedrals today, the "shopping malls" we see that even their humanist, liberal bleating on the "war on terror" are falling apart.

It now appears that "we" invaded Afghanistan to promote women's rights! Strange that... when women had more rights (to education etc.) under Saddam Hussein in Iraq than they do in many parts of the "new democratic Iraq." Let's not even mention the rights of Christians who enjoyed far more freedoms in Saddam's Iraq.

The Masonic enemy of freedom and Truth worldwide doesn't care what excuses it makes to foment wars against those whom Israel views as a threat, just as the Sanhedrin didn't care what false witnesses and lies it used against Jesus Christ on Good Friday all those years ago (when they used the Roman Army to do their dirty work as they use the American Army today!).

On Good Friday those of us who profess to be Christian (which seems to include the BNP, paedophiles, money-grubbing, Zionism and orgies aside!) would do well to remember who Crucified Jesus Christ and why.

Believe it or not but they are facts that resonate through the centuries and the same Quo Bono applies today.

And just like the apostles, politicians will not state the Truth about Good Friday and the ongoing rejection of Christ by the Jewish authorities, and the subversion of Christian Europe by Zionists, Freemasons and Marxists: "Yet no man spoke openly of him, for fear of the Jews." (John 7:13)

Jews in Germany Protest at 'new' watered-down Good Friday Prayer

Newspaper editor responds to Jewish threats and defends watered-down prayer

The Passion of the Christ - Official Site

Below: The American media reports on reactions of Gibson's film.... Note the response of the NY Times and a Jewish spokesman, compared to those coming out from the film.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Last Week's Quote: A.K. Chesterton on Zionist Power

"The fact that the Jew in his apotheosis becomes blind to all lines of demarcation reveals the continuous subconscious working of his neurosis... Dreading more than anything else a virile nationalism, a resurgence of the spirit of the people, he encourages every factor that makes for disunity, disruption and decay."

A. K. Chesterton,
The Apotheosis of the Jew,
British Union Quarterly (late 1930s).

Weds-Thurs Poll on the London G20 Demos

Who Would You Support in the London Demos?

5 (38%)
0 (0%)
2 (15%)
None of the Above
6 (46%)

Jade Goody: Alco-Pops Generation Memento Mori

A 27 year old woman was buried yesterday. That's always a sad affair because 27 is really when your life is in full swing, with kids, a home, etc. etc.

But the woman was Jade Goody, the bete noir of Channel 4's Big Brother.

Not so long ago she was a pariah. After making her "Essex girl" credentials a "dead cert" (grand national fever dontcha know!) by stating East Anglia was a foreign country, she became persona non grata via her public row with an Indian Bollywood star in Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother - which was deemed "racist."

The media heaped scorn and even hatred on her. Not the swearing, prancing, mincing, degenerate, genetic-mess, weirdos that appeared on the show over the years (I must confess to have never having seen it, but have listened to what others have said and read some opinions on it) but someone they deemed "racist."

This of course showed that to the media any form of filth, degeneracy, blasphemy, sexual-profligacy is nothing compared to "racism" which they deem the great evil of our age.

This is why I viewed the media furore and interest in her long publicised death from cervical cancer with great cynicism.

The media's "dumb evil racist" became "the peoples' princess II."

Oh fickle media is there no stone you won't overturn, no butt you will not kiss, no barrel you will not scrape to appear popular and sell more papers?

And we wonder where our politicians get it from!!!

Populism is a jealous mistress who changes her flings and affections week on week.

I suppose her family should be grateful she didn't have the intelligence to question the Zionist WW2 propaganda that allows Israel to commit mass murder and ethnic cleansing 60 years on, otherwise she would have gone to a pauper's grave as a hatemonger (despite caring for the treatment of the world's most attacked, besmirched, exiled and betrayed people, the Palestinians).

If nothing else all this has been a lesson in the media, in the false world of "celebrity" (large chunk of salt included).

But let me add an addendum to my scribblings, dribblings and dawdlings.

There is a slight good to come of this, for the people - and I'm thinking of those immersed in the lager and wine drinking world of the Sun readers, Eastenders and Big Brother watching working classes, but even the materialist, celeb-watching middle classes too - watching this story.

This story will act like one of our Medieval/Renaissance Memento Mori paintings or songs, in that it will call to mind to the "do what thou wilt" generation, busy binging on drugs and indulging in their "metrosexual" degeneracy that they are mortals and that death will come.

Most of them may think they will rot in a box, or that Nirvana awaits, or that they will come back as a butterfly and other nonsenses that have filled the God void that GK Chesterton wrote about (i.e. idiots believing in anything rather than nothing); but a significant minority will have that kernel of Christianity to realise that their life will have to be accounted for.

A favourite Biblical quote of mine is Christ saying that he will return "like a thief in the night." Some people may think that relates to the second coming and/or Judgement Day, and well it might. But I've always thought it relates to our own moment of death.

Who knows when they will die? When that fatal car crash will happen? When that disease may strike? Those with cancer have some warning, and I recall the moving words of Massimo Morsello that great Italian Nationalist leader when I sat with him in a London restaurant. Our companions had left and I was left with him and his young child. By that time he was too weak to lift her out of the high chair.

It was then that he said something to me that will always stay in my mind as long as I live. He said that he thanked God for giving him the time to sort out his life in time, so that he could meet his maker with a clear conscience. The time he had been given - no doubt racked with physical and moral pains - he saw as a gift from God.

Some people, in his shoes, might have chosen to "rage at the dying of the light" and curse the cancer that had riddled his body. Yet here was a man who was no weakling in his life, who had fought bravely in the world of politics and business, and he had embraced his oncoming death (whilst trying to elongate his life for the sake of his family) as a fact of life.

So will the death of Jade Goody, a modern "celebrity," famous for being famous, make a few more of us confront the reality of death?

Will more of us live life as it should be, mindful of the "four last things" (death, judgement, heaven and hell) that we will ultimately meet our maker who will come like a thief in the night? Will more of the Jade Goody watchers turn off Eastenders? Turn down the next batch of drugs? Miss out the nightclubs and anonymous sex? Will more of the politicos stop covering up financial scandals, stop making excuses for paedophiles and other degenerates out of "party loyalty?"

They may recall the demise of Heath Ledger for whom Christ really will appear like a 'thief in the night' - a most unwelcome intruder on the life of a man who promoted homosexuality for big money and who used that money to purchase recreational drugs to abuse his body.

If just a handful do, then perhaps some good will have come from Jade Goody's death.

With yesterday's headlines being today's fish and chip wrappings no doubt the media whores will move on with their next populist agenda, maybe someone who has "overcome racism" to be a symbol of "modern multi-racial Britain" etc. etc. and so the whole media circus will roll on, another day another dollar, someone else to get their 15 minutes of fame.

C'est la vie. C'est la morte?

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sri Lankan Goes UKIP to Get British Jobs for British Workers

I think the BNP will be jealous of this, because in truth they would love to have a publicity coup like this!

No doubt they will attack UKIP for"selling out" but this is what the BNP would do (with a non-Muslim natch!) to prove they are not nasty racists or neo-nazis.

British Jobs for British Workers eh?

BBC News

Why English Rugby & Football is Wrong...

I'm just going to ask a question today.

Why is it that the English rugby and football national teams do not sing the English national anthem?

The English national anthem is Land of Hope and Glory. The English teams sing the 'British national anthem' God Save the Queen (as does the Northern Irish football team).

Does it strike anyone else as bizarre that the English national team (not a British team) doesn't sing its own country's anthem? Never mind all the pundits and talking heads who mistakenly refer to the song as the English national anthem...

Is it symptomatic of English national identity being synonymous with a British identity (in the way that English/British and Empire were synonymous to many before WW2) or is it simply ignorance?

Sorry there's nothing more controversial today (re.G20 etc.) but your intrepid writer still has the flu -- man flu, so I'm close to dying as far as Mrs FC is concerned ;-)

Feel free to take part in the 48 hour poll on the G20 protests though...

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