Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Anders Behring Breivik Norwegian "Christian Extremist" is a Freemason: Shut Down the Lodges

Why hasn't the media mentioned this?

Why aren't the Lodges in Norway and overseas being investigated?

How can a man who is involved in anti-Christian Freemasonry, who named his phantom organisation on the Templars - a group suppressed by the Church and whose occult mythology the Masons have styled themselves on, be labelled a Christian?

How can a man who criticised the Flemish Nationalists (who are sickeningly pro-Israel) for not being pro-homosexual enough be considered Christian?

Let us see this picture shown on the news! Let us see the Lodges spied on. Let us see policemen and politicians being told that they cannot be members of the secretive Lodges.

Wasn't the Dunblane mass murderer also a Freemason? Weren't the Bologna killers members of the P2 Masonic Lodge?

How many more Masonic terror outrages before action is taken?

P.S. No doubt the National Secular Society and all its hangers-on will have been whooping up the idea of a "Christian fundamentalist" killing a lot of children/teenagers. That Mr Brievik describes himself as an atheist Darwinian (see link below) will no doubt make them celebrate this "great act" of Darwinian action (survival of the fittest) - or will they cover this up and feebly cling to mass media liberal headlines about his "Christianity?" I wonder...

Breaking News Oslo terrorist a Mason


Anonymous said...

Do you have tin foil in England? If so, fashion yourself a hat. Hope this helps.

Final Conflict said...

Yeah - imagine the uproar if there was a picture of him in SS uniform, or A KKK outfit, or wearing a BNP gold member's badge?

Yet we have him in a Freemason outfit and... all but silence.

Weird that eh?

Members of P2 were found guilty in a court of law for the Bologna outrage.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

I hear that he belonged to the same Masonic branch as the Dunblane killer?

Where is the chattering classes/media/political calls for an investigation in to his Masonic links with other European Masons?

The masses are not totally stupid, they know that behind this smokescreen are the zionist conspirators.

The aim was to destroy the anti-zionist Left, Norway offically recognised a Palestinian State and also use the blame on the 'extreme right' to pass ever more draconian laws to persecute any dissident voices.

The 'chosen ones' are far too clever for their own good!

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