Saturday, 16 July 2011

Freemasons, Usury, Politics and Greed: HackGate and its Root Cause

Lord Leveson! Er... Hello!

We are all supposed to believe that a system man, another lawyer, will clean out the media and the parts of the system linked to it.

The politicos who wined and dined the media (and in turn were wined and dined by them).

The policemen employed by the media, and the media-men employed by the police.

You can almost imagine it all be arranged in The Temple.

The whole Masonic system is unravelling, helped by a kind of civil war.

It started with the banking collapse - the 'Credit Crunch.' That was caused by sheer greed (a theme that we will revisit). Usury banking - so Talmudic in origin - caused a huge uncontrollable bubble, which the politicians were not willing or able to try and control, let alone deflate.

Following the belittling of the bankers we had the Politicians' expenses scandal. This had been rolling along very merrily for years, and was now exposed by MI5's favourite, the Daily Telegraph. Happy coincidence?

No. This was the (cue the sinister music) Revenge of the Bankers.

Their greed was exposed, and the politicians had to turn on them (fleetingly) to escape the momentary wrath of the electorate. Of course despite an underlying hatred of bankers all that is now willingly swept under the carpet, not least because we are supposed to equate a few bloated politicos grabbing tens of thousands with the bankster-class who frittered away BILLIONS and who were bailed out with OUR money.

With the politicians in the sights of the banksters and their pet journalists, they too were unhappy at being exposed as money-grubbing fraudsters.

So here we are. A criminal enterprise is uncovered (at last!) despite the attempts of sections of the Masonic Temple, sorry - I mean the Met Police, and so the politicians are happy to scream blue murder - if only to get their own revenge on the fourth estate.

The politicians attacked the bankers to save their own hides
The bankers get the journalists to attack the politicians to provide a smokescreen
The politicians now attack the media.

The banksters have used "divide and rule" against the politicos and the journalists, emasculating both in turn, whilst they brush aside feeble "safety features" to carry on much as before.

And if you think a public enquiry will get to the real root cause of all this - perhaps you should remember Doctor David Kelly.

Some truths will only see the light of day many years from now.


Anonymous said...

Murdoch is merely the fall guy for those who have created him.

'Hackergate' is merely a smokescreen for those who are working to achieve the ambitions as laid down by their Learned Elders.

As you point out in your post, this issue is merely the politicians seeking their revenge on the press (it was the Telegraph which broke the expenses scandal....after The Times declined the offer to originally).

Gordon Brown (who ought to be hung for treason) because he is such an incompotent has with his speech served no one but himself (and News International) with his whiny and lying mouth.

If you look behind all this and question why exactly all this has come out now (after many a decade) how does this affect the real power-brokers ambitions?

Perhaps they realise that 'press barons' have had their day when most of the information disseminated to the masses these days are many, varied....and faster!

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