Sunday, 24 July 2011

Norwegian "Neo-Nazi Extreme Right-Winger" Shooter Actually a Zionist pro-Gay Neo-Con

We are seeing a common pattern here.

The links below have info on the Norwegian shooter.

What's clear is that the character was incredibly pro-Zionist, pro-Gay and all the rest we associate with the American Neo Con movement.

He slagged off the Flemish nationalists for being too extreme, when they have already sold-out on issues such as homosexuality and Israel. The EDL in fact are pro-gay, pro-Israel and anti-Muslim so are already on the road to being an official Neo-Con offshoot (as the BNP tried to be).

Don't wait for the media to denounce his Zionism. We'll all grow beards (yes, even the ladies) long before that day comes round.

It is becoming more and more obvious, whether 911, 7/7, Bologna, Carpentras or Norway, the fingerprints of the same Judeo-Masonic few can be found.

Griffin Watch
The Intercept


Anonymous said...

The mainstream media constantly harp on about how 'free and easy' Norwegian society is....yeah, so free and easy that Mossad/Sayanims are free to come and go and do as they please!

Anonymous said...

he was also a free mason, they have now declared that 76 victims were actually killed not 93, also there was an anti terror drill 48 hours before the blast near the government offices,

Anonymous said...

I tried to get on a phone in show to put the "far right" myth to bed and highlight the Zionist connection but Radio 2 didn't want to know.Yes I know it was pointless but at least the girl at the other end got a different story.
Keep up the good work

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