Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Direct Action Patriots: A Lesson from History

John Jenkins - and if you can do read his book 'Prison Letters' do so, it is full of Nationalist ideals - led a campaign to stop Wales being a charm on the bracelet of the Saxe-Coburg family.

He and his MAC activists took direct action which was most effective, yet it was designed in such a way that not one person would be harmed (A tradition in Wales going back to Saunders Lewis attack on an RAF bombing school before WW2 and the FWA's opposition to the flooding of Welsh communities such as Tryweryn in the 60s). Sadly there were two victims - the two MAC men who planned to blow up a railway line near Abergele.

Some will say that such actions cannot be justified, yet there are extreme periods of history when patriots must fight. Even democrats say that Churchill was right to plan "stay behind" teams of resistance fighters who would blow up train lines, murder occupiers and suchlike (although this would break the Geneva Convention following a surrender by the UK Government).

Of course such actions in defence of a country are, in reality, carried out by a brave few (such as the Churchill stay-behind teams) whether one wholeheartedly agrees with their aims or not. Yet the line to terrorism can so easily be crossed. The German occupiers of France 1940-44 called the French Resistance 'terrorists' and some French patriots who were independent of the German occupiers were indeed killed by the Resistance (some cells of which were Communist).

The difference between patriots desperate to defend their nations, such as John Jenkins and the MAC, and the Neo-Con Masonic/Zionist terrorists, from the likes of Anders Breivik who planted a non-discriminating bomb in Oslo town-centre is fathomless.

The true patriot counts the cost of each and every action and places real regard to the saving of life. The Masonic puppet goes for maximum impact via indiscriminate bombing/murder. It is a mentality we have witnessed on an ongoing basis in Occupied Palestine with the way the Israelis murder Palestinians, as if they were blades of grass to be stepped on.

In our lands where abortion on demand means that millions of innocent children have been, and continue to be murdered by the skipload, is it any wonder that those who support the terror-state of Israel and admiringly watch it mow-down innocent Palestinians, would think nothing of gunning down political opponents to make their case?

If you fail to pay your Council Tax you will be dragged into court, yet Blair and Campbell promulgated their "dodgy dossier" and thereby caused illegal wars in which countless thousands of innocents died. They remain at large, fawned over by a compliant media, given plush jobs by a grateful establishment. And we wonder why Masonic dupes like Breivik think they can murder indisctiminately to further their aims?

It is a trait of our modern Zionist times. To the Neo-Cons, the Masons, the Zionists -- we are all (whether the innocent unborn or OAPs on council estates, British soldiers or Iraqi schoolkids, Palestinian Christians or lefty kids on an island) expendable pawns in their political sharade.

To them we are chattel to be disposed of as they see fit.


Anonymous said...

True 'direct action' activists make their number one priority of their attention the infrastructure of their oppression NOT the targetting of innocent souls AND the not so innocent, because people are easily replaced precisely because the infrastructure being untouched allows for this.

That is why any one who encourages killing individuals is either a total retard or else an agent provocateur (or both!)

Er Budd Cymru!

Anonymous said...

Now, there's a blast (no pun intended!) from the past. Mr. Jenkins who later became a member of the Welsh Republican Socialist Party, late offshoot Cymru Goch, even though they's be termed 'red' they were to all intent and purpose 'national socialist' they'd deny it of course, but I know that the consensus amongst the 'minions' was that to be Welsh is to be White and niggers/pakis are cannon fodder to be used by the British Establishment to destroy the Welsh culture and identity.

To be Welsh is to be White.

Anonymous said...

To echo the viewpoint expressed by the first poster.

In Cyprus, the main powerstation has place the country on the brink of economic crisis on a par with Greece. The beauty of it is that is it because of an explosion caused by munitions that were seized on their way to Iran on 11th July! 13 people lost their lives also, which shows what the State really think of the masses.
Honestly, you couldn't make it up-cannon fodder or factory fodder.

So for anyone who is thinking of the 'direct action' course, target the infrastructure NEVER people.....allegedly!

Do not associate with those with romantic notions of 'race war' if you value your freedom and consider yourself 'intelligent' they are more dangerous to you than any Red.

Anonymous said...

Just read a post on "GriffinWatch" from someone suggesting we use Northwestfront as a prototype!

As with this current project of Pie-eater Covington and his previous influence on C18, he is FBI/CIA.

It is amusing to note that these 'White revolutionaries' do not choose to pay attention to the tactics/development of ideas from REAL guerrillas because they may be 'Red' or whatever! (although they conveniently ignore Covington's propaganda use of IRA footage!) It is no coincidence that the was shunned by Pierce and knew absolutely NOTHING of the Bruder Schweigen.

Anonymous said...

Killing your own folk merely gives the ZioMedia ammunition to damn your ideological stance with. Typical Jew Bolshevik infiltrator chit chat - sometimes it's necessary - Jesuit gabble at it's worst, nearly as bad as the Moslems are our friends because they are anti Zionist.

Final Conflict said...

No-one's on about killing anybody, less still the deliberate targeting of innocent people. Nice try Troll.

Anonymous said...

It has been stated that anyone advocating killing is either an agent provocateur or a retard.

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