Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Brown = No Change

Tony Blair has moved his B.S. machine from Downing Street out to Tel Aviv, which seems somehow fitting.

Gordon Brown promised "change."

To tell us all that things had... er... changed - we had a constant mantra of "change."

Now the Labour Party is decamped to Brighton and yesterday we had the joy of a speech from Commissar Brown himself.

Change was still prominent. No change there then... (sorry).

Yet the buzzword of the day/week was "STRENGTH." Brown is a strong leader see -- geddit?

Oh how lucky we poor proles are to have such a strong leader!

Things may be crumbling and crime endemic and a police state unfolding and identity lost everywhere and... well: you get the picture.

But fear not oh reader of The Sun and watcher of Eastenders, you valiant breed of the braindead: Mr. Brown is STRONG and there has been CHANGE. So all is well.

Were that it were so.

Take my hand, dear reader, and follow me as we skip down memory lane betwixt the failed politicians and discontinued sweets of our youth. Ah! Bitter sweet memories.

As we gaze around at all the failures, tyrants and con-men of the past we begin to wonder at how people can be taken in so many times.

Suddenly we're back in the present and we look at Brown's slogans and promises with renewed skepticism. Where is this change? The same regime blurting out the same hackneyed multi-culti soft-lefty Capitalist garbage.

They promise us the world and deliver us a slum to rival Imperial Calcutta.

As long as these shysters are fettered to the banking swindle and usury they cannot escape the debt bubble which will yet ruin more people, families and small businesses.

As long as these traitors are shackled to the failed multi-culti experiment they cannot deliver "pride," "identity" or "community" all of which they have done their utmost to destroy for decades.

(Left a horribly White 1957 socialist poster from New Zealand. Just think how "enriched" we've all become since 1957...).

As long as these hucksters are members of the same Lodges as the newspaper barons and top policemen they will not stop the country rolling inexorably towards a Big Brother police state. "It stops crime" they wail and entreat - forgetting to tell us that they are the ones who created the crime and this lawless society.

As long as these profiteers are chained to the corrupt bureaucracy in Brussels whatever we may wish is inconsequential because laws to worsen our situation will be made for us by our Socialist overlords.

So what change can there ever be?

Will Brown close the door on immigration?

Will Brown stop the slaughter of the innocents?

Will Brown stop the usury and debt?

Will Brown stop the rampant greed of Big Business?

Will Brown stop the slide to an EU-USSR?


So Change is a term which means nothing.

Perhaps the cherry on the cake, oh long-persevering reader, was when Brown used a Biblical quote to justify not supporting the family!

This Big Business-hugging usury huckster wants us to believe that somehow supporting the institution of marriage is "unChristian."

Of course, coming from a regime that has done more than any in 100s of years of history to promote buggery and the "rights" of homosexuals this is a farce.

Brown would have us believe that his abortionist, homosexual, Masonic-banking, humanist-drivel charabanc is Christian!?!?

Blair is gone. Brown is regent.

The Spin is dead! Long live the spin!


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