Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Iran is no threat: but the Neo-Cons are!

Dear reader, grizzled veteran that you are, your Bull####-Meter must have had its needle on red almost continually for the last few days.

For not only has the Labour Party conference followed hot on the heels of the Lib-Dems, but we've also had the American media and Whitehouse response to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appearances in New York and its environs.

Left: He's started no illegal wars, he's not bankrolling any state with illegal nuclear weapons, he's not sending torture victims around the world...

What was the top moment of hyperbole and hypocrisy for you? I'm sure everyone has their favourite...

Mine was a Whitehouse spokesman complaining of Iranian involvement in Iraq.

Yes: Iran's involvement.

Not America's illegal war against Iraq.
Not America's nonsense over WMDs.
America's involvement in a sovereign nations thousands of miles away.

Not America's army and mercenaries killing Iraqi civilians.

Right: An image to break a thousand editorials. Approx 25,000 Jews live in Iran and despite specific financial inducements to live in Israel only a handful chose to leave. They enjoy civil and religious liberties in Iran. Here the President greets an anti-Zionist Jew at a Holocaust revisionist conference.

No... Tsk tsk.

Can't you see you fool??? It's all Iran's fault!!!

Isn't it all so clear?

Israel bomb, strafe and invade Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt... and no warning from America (even after they bombed the USS Liberty!)

Iran are a neighbouring nation to Iraq and they played no part in sabre-rattling for the war, or instigating the war...

But do not blame Bush & America.

Do not blame his poodle Blair & the Westminster marionettes.

Do not even blame Israel for their foreign policy dictating Middle East conflicts or their lobby's control of Washington DC, or their possession of illegal nukes!!!

No: blame the guy who asks for open debate of history. Isn't that a threat to world peace? Ha ha ha!!!

Left: Kosher protesters use a Kosher newspaper front-page to push the US administration's Kosher message. Are they now trying to blame "911" on Iran? They tried that with Iraq and it was laughed at.

In a post-Saddam world the Neo-Cons need another "Mr Nasty" and whilst most of us would line up a Neo-Con, they've chosen Ahmadinejad, as the current bete noir of the Zionist warmongers.

Now wait for all their Neo-Con buddies and Kosher Tories (in the media and in political parties) line up to denounce Ahmadinejad as a holocaust-denier, as a war-monger and as a "mad Muslim."

By their fruits shall you know them... in other words: wot speaks like a Kosher Neo-Con IS a Kosher Neo-Con guvnor, no matter how they spin it out.

For more info and analysis see the FC e-zine #2901.

Iranian Speech to the UN
Iranian Speech at Columbia Uni

Quote to annoy Zionist supremacists and "Chosenites":

Human beings are all God's creatures and are all endowed with dignity and respect. No one has superiority over others. No individual or states can arrogate to themselves special privileges, nor can they disregard the rights of others and, through influence and pressure, position themselves as the "international community".


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