Saturday, 29 September 2007

Happy Michaelmas!

Today is Michaelmas - or St Michael's Day.

Right: The Michaelmas Daisy.

For hundreds of years the people of England and Europe kept this day as a special feast, almost on a par with Christmas... in the days before multi-culti mass immigration, before the mines, 'Satanic' mills and furnaces of industrialism and before the rampant usury of the Bank of England, founded in 1694.

Still after the dilution and chaos of immigration, the slavery and maltreatment of industrialism and the huge taxation and asset-stripping of the banking swindle... why should we want to remember the days of 'Merrie England' when our peoples were indigenous, our whole culture was Christian, and our people and our soil were inextricably linked?

After all haven't wage-slavery, miscegenation and usury-taxes "enriched" us all?

Left: Perhaps the most widely used image of St Michael.

So a very Happy Michaelmas to those brave souls out there who remember the freedoms and customs of our forefathers.

Maybe one day we'll celebrate this day again? Maybe one day we'll live in a land of freedom and identity? Maybe one day the land will be full of small-holdings in which Michaelmas will herald a full table, a lit candle and a home full of merry-making?...

A great darkness covers our land.

But we await the dawn: despite the traitor politicians, despite the usury bankers, despite the profiteering Capitalists...

In the meantime raise a glass for Michaelmas and let us rekindle the traditions of our forefathers!

Right: Michaelmas. by Graham Sutherland, 1928.


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