Monday, 28 June 2010

Eddy Butler Wants to Stand for BNP Leader

Eddy Butler is attempting to stand for the BNP leadership.

We do not know if there is any political difference between Butler and Griffin.

Butler seems to be standing on a "clean up the BNP" ticket just as Griffin did in 1999 against John Tyndall.

In fact, since 1999 the BNP has not become 'cleaner' and accusations of nepotism, corruption and worse run amok.

So far the BNP has reacted with (real low-brow) smear campaigns against Butler, seemingly starting to try and stack the chips against him, whilst failing to acknowledge his leadership campaign to its membership.

And this a party that preaches about democracy in its propaganda against other parties...

It may be that Butler will fail. It may be that Butler would be of no political difference to Griffin.

But a real leadership challenge (as opposed to a constrained one) will be of interest to most Nationalists inside and outside the BNP.

Butler now needs 20% of members of 2 years unbroken membership to sign his nominations. Sounds crazy but there you go.

Could be interesting.


Anonymous said...

high time gri££in was booted out.

Jim said...

Butler is not perfect - but would be a vast improvement on Griffin, a sociopath with one eye on the money.

Anonymous said...

Butler? Coco the Clown, the guy is a low life scum of the highest order...oh, and he's a yellow belly as well and if anyone aligns themselves with him let yourselves be known just so's we know who to avoid and if ever you come within our realm we can hand out a slap or two.....

Richard Chadfield said...

I suspect that all this is irrelevant. Why? Because my gut feeling is that no political party can change anything. Indeed the state really loves (needs) radical ,but impotent political parties. If they did not exist the state would create them.(and most likely does.) The state wants you (us) to participate in it's game. Why?
1) To maintain the all important fiction of democracy.
2) To keep tabs on dissenters and keep as many of them as possible in one place and under observation and harmless.
3) As long as you are playing the game you are accepting the illusion.

Secure power is power that is hidden and that is the purpose of our 'democracy'. To hide the real power. What a wonderful illusion democracy is. Through it's rituals millions of small ,insignificant, powerless individuals actually believe that they exercise influence, change governments and state policies and that consequently there is nothing for them to resist. Perfect.
If you want to hinder the state you must ask yourself 'what does the state want from me and what can I deny the state'? I would suggest that there are three things that the state wants from citizens.
1) Fear. Because fear begets obedience.
2) wealth. Stolen through unjust taxation
3)Your participation in their political system --ie) your vote because your vote legitimises the states actions.
Of these three things the one that you can most easily deny the state is your vote. If no one votes the state losses it's legitimacy.
Conclusion. We don't need a political party. We need a political education organisation. We need to work to convince the majority of our population to walk away from the current political system -not to vote for some pretend radical alternative that will almost certainly turn out to be state controlled.
Richard Chadfield

Yorks Nat said...

Butler aint great but he's a damn site better than the shyster Griffin and the sexual deviants and crooks currently running the bnp.

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