Tuesday, 22 June 2010

20% VAT - We are Being Bled Dry by Banksters!

The Con-Dem coalition has just announced that Value Added Tax (VAT) is to be increased from 17.5% to 20% from the start of next year.

A tax that was brought in as a temporary measure back in the mists of time is now a fixed and growing leech on us all.

We are taxed when we earn, when we spend, when we die - and at various other times in between!

Read The Guernsey Experiment. (available from FC)

It needn't be so!

We could live a zero or negligible tax country.

It would be an easy thing to do. But our politicians do not have the courage to break free of the clutches of the Bank of England and other banking institutions.

We are taxed to keep a few uber-wealthy shysters (the New Unhappy Lords) in the opulence they are accustomed to.

It is nothing short of a national disgrace!


Anonymous said...

If this is the beginning of the phasing out of income tax which was brought in to pay for the Crimean war but was such a good weeze (much as the 'enviromental tax' b****cks today) that it was kept, then all well and good.

VAT means that it is he or she who actually buys the goods that pays the duty and no-one else subsidises their shopping trip. The 20% is merely a correction because of the Marxists con-trick which lowered it to 15% a few months ago.

People who jump down this governments throats conveniently forget that it was the Marxists who love spending OTHER peoples money which caused this situation where our country was further handed over to their financial masters.

To constantly blame the bankers is also only promoting a half-truth because no-one forced anyone to be a greedy bastard!

Greed is a sin is it not? Christians would do well to remember that.

Final Conflict said...

If you wish to use the analogy (or fact) of usury being a sin, then indeed that who borrowed to buy luxury goods et al were being usurious.

But some people borrowed for non-usurious reasons[remember usury isnt strictly the rate per se, but the productive or otherwise nature of the loan].

besides which, it is like blaming a rape victim who dressed provocatively and even acted flirtatiously with strangers in a seedy bar.

the victim may have behaved inadvisedly but could also be said to be an ignorant victim of the times.

Ultimately, though strictly speaking ignorance is no defence, it would be heartless to blame the victim and not to feel some pity.

The clear criminal, showing intent and clarity of purpose in both cases are the bankers and rapists.

I might argue that the sentence for the crimes in both cases should be similar.

Anonymous said...

FC, you are being slightly disingenious with your analogy (to say the least!).

It is a truth no matter how one dresses it up that, yes, the banksters are responsible for promoting 'sub-prime' but no-one forces anyone to take out a loan, the fact that one needs a loan to pay for whatever daily needs is perhaps a sympton of our society where individuals are discouraged from taking responsibility for their own action.

It is also the situation as it stands today that Government borrows from banks which in turn becomes a national debt. Interest needs to be repaid on any subsequent loan.

It is also a correct that as some were not stupid (nor indeed greedy) to take out loans, nor indeed fall for the financier led propaganda of getting on any 'housing ladder', these people should not therefore see a rise in their income tax to subsidise those who crave 'shopping trips'.

VAT means YOU and YOU ALONE pay any duty without being subsidised by other tax payers for whatever material needs you may require.

Yeah, we are all aware of the destruction and immorality of usury but that is the reality of the society we are living in like it or lump it.

As to the Guernsey experiment hmmmm, not exactly a viable option for a larger industrial country and, Guernsey by the way is a part of British Sovereign territory.

By the way VAT is exempt on childrens clothing and food, so it is most definately a duty to be paid by those who have a material bent.

Anonymous said...

F****ng hell!! People have told me that you're a little twisted, but to equate usury with rape?! What the f**k are you on??????????

By the way, VAT to those who pay is nothing to do with usuary on the part of the purchesee, it is merely a duty imposed by the Government, perhaps in this case to pay of national debt or to contribute to healthcare or defence. Either way you cannot liken it to a usury on the part of the purchesee.

Final Conflict said...

Usury is very similar to rape. An entire country is getting.... well, fill in the gaps. Stop being so pc.

As for peoples greed - yes, some were at fault, but not all (I stand by my analogy), besides which when you have people who watch TV soaps and are pig ignorant being told it's all ok, they just go with what the "professionals" [mortgage brokers etc.] tell them.

The blame lies squarely on the profiteers, others are at best useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

usury is worse than rape because whereas rape is illegal, at the moment usury isnt.

what rape is to women and security of our streets, usury is to our economy and the security of our homes.

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