Friday, 4 June 2010

Show Everyone Where You Stand!

In the light of Zionist aggression against charitable souls and peaceful deliverers of aid to the besieged Palestinians, it is vital that all true nationalists show whose side we are on!

No other State would dare to act as the bandit state of Israel does, illegally cutting off millions of people, denying them food, medicine, building materials and even water (read the leaflet on this in the range we have).

It then goes on to send airbourne armed commandos swooping in against peace activists when any other country would (if it dared to blockade anywhere!) send the police, coast guard or standard navy patrol.

In the face of such naked aggression against peace-makers and aid-givers from around the world, it is vital that nationalists side with the cause of justice; lest plastic patriots and bought-and-paid-for Tories (on some 'Islam is guilty of everything') attempt to portray Zionism as the afflicted party.

When Israel strikes out like this against those they perceive as "cattle," then: we are all Palestinians!

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Anonymous said...

the zionists must be highly delighted to be able to fly their flag at EDL demos and have nick griffin grovelling for approval while at the same time they can openly murder charity workers.

we even have the spectacle of conservative MP, the jew, paul goodman arguing openly that "a few deaths on a boat" was no big deal compared to other news stories.

to their credit the far left can see what a murder machine the zionist state is, but what of those on the patriotic right? the EDL and BNP love israel and prefer to do the zionists bidding by attacking innocent muslims.

Final Conflict said...

exactly why it is so vital for those of us not bought and sold - or too plain dumb to accepty their brainwashing - to show nationalism's true colours.

Anything else is betrayal.

Anonymous said...

Mate, no one who is concerned with issues surrounding the Bandit State ought to wear ANY badges, if anyone feels THAT aggrieved with things take ACTION!

All a badge/patch does is single you out as a target, we used it successfully on ANaL badge wearers!

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